If you’re a small business owner, and you’re considering putting a “gun-free zone” sign on your door, at least let me tell you why I think that’s a bad idea first. If you don’t have a gun-free zone in your business, you’re on the right track. And thank you for allowing us to protect ourselves and your customers.

Since 1987, the state of Florida has issued 2.5 million concealed-carry permits. Of those, only 168 people have committed firearms crimes. That’s .0000672 percent of the total amount issued. .0000672 percent. Overwhelmingly, the people who will take a look at the gun-free sticker on your door and actually obey it are the law-abiding permit holders who are absolutely no threat to you, your business or your customers. In fact they are your customers. You put that sticker on your door in Florida, it’s only effect will be to eliminate 2.5 million potential crime-stoppers from your business.

The millions of people that abide by the law and feel the need to protect themselves and the people around them are the last people you should be trying to keep out of your business.

I’m trained, prepared and always on the lookout for those preparing to harm to others in this country. People like me have sworn to protect America overseas, and our mentality doesn’t change now that we’re in our own country. Why would you want to keep guys like myself out of your store or business? Why would you want to limit my capacity to defend you and your customers? I have a lifetime of experiences and absolutely no threats on how to handle them. And now you took me out of that fight—and even in some cases took that right away from an off-duty cop that just got off of work and is headed to the coffee shop on his way home.

That little sticker with the gun crossed out effectively tells committed attackers that they will have the upper hand and encounter no resistance. They walk up to your store and know you are a vulnerable target. Why would I go somewhere I can’t defend myself, my family or those around me? I’ll just go to a store that does allow me to protect myself. But second, now your fighting force is as good as the security you hire. Be a smart business; don’t make yourself an easy target for crime, and don’t deny your customers the right to defend themselves. They’ll thank you for it. Comm_Social_GunsinBusinesses


The level of respect you have for yourself directly affects the decisions you make. And frankly, I don’t think that people respect themselves enough. They’d rather ignore our nation’s problems, or consume them like entertainment through cable news, than actually get off their ass and make a difference. They think they’re so small and meaningless compared to some politician or talk show host that they stop taking pride in their own lives.


They’re so fast to transfer their personal responsibility to the government, or to a party they think is bigger or more powerful than they are individually. Every time something bad happens, they want solutions – so they cry to Washington to come save the day. Then these same people act surprised when the government’s solution is taking away their freedom.


Take ownership of your life. It’s all you’ve got. It should be socially unacceptable to sit around and bitch that you don’t have a great job, or a fancy car, or personal safety or anything else you think you’re entitled to. Because the only thing the government owes you is the chance to exercise your freedom in pursuit of what you want.


Imagine our country was invaded. Do you think I’m going to sit on my couch and say “Oh! Hey government – what are you going to do about this?” Hell no. If you come to my country, I’m going to come out of my house and join the fight with everything I have – every last piece of my soul.


Because I’m free. And I’m proud of my country and proud of my freedom. Listen, I don’t like the president any more than the next person, but I can’t blame him for every little thing that goes wrong in my life. And I can’t expect him or any other politician to make me safe or happy.


We have such a government-first mindset. I hear it all the time: the Second Amendment “allows” me to do this, “allows” me to do that. Nothing in the Bill of Rights “allows” us to do anything. Those rights were ours to begin with.


God gave us the right to protect ourselves and our families with whatever tools we have available. The Second Amendment simply puts that idea on paper so that all people can understand it.

The idea that a piece of paper written by a man could confer rights upon another man means those rights can also be taken away. My right to life, my right to freedom, and my right to pursue my happiness were conferred to me by my Creator. Not by another man, or by a piece of paper.


Being an American means respecting yourself enough to believe that you can do more for yourself and for others with freedom than you can with government entitlements and empty promises.




Dom Raso “Assault Weapons”


Dom: A popular belief among the American people is that assault weapons are the choice guns for criminals like drug dealers and gang members. It’s all because the media paints this picture of thugs invading homes and busting down doors with AK-47s and other semi-automatic rifles. But is that the reality for the every day criminal? I have my own thoughts on that, but unlike Piers Morgan, I’d rather let an expert on the subject give his perspective.


Dom: This is my friend, Jerry, a SWAT officer in New Jersey who deals with violence on the streets every single day.


Dom: So Jerry, how often are you dealing with this big scary AK or AR that everyone’s talking about?


Jerry: That’s a good question, because the assault weapon concept is so big in society right now, everybody’s talking about it, it’s all across the news because of these active killer-type situations that are happening.


Jerry: But those are isolated incidents. We have to look at it and understand that they are isolated incidents that don’t really impact the everyday criminal activity.


Jerry: That monster that sleeps under the bed, that evil AR-15, it really doesn’t exist in today’s criminal society.


Jerry: In the twenty-one years of law enforcement that I’ve been doing this, I’ve come across four or five. You know, rarely do we see an AK or an AR-15.


Jerry: We’re really talking about two, three percent of criminal activity. And that’s including these active killing situations that involve AR-15s and AK-47s. We don’t see them on a daily basis—I rarely see them and I work in a really progressive town.


Dom: So, when I’m overseas and we’re dealing with the violent intent versus the tools that they are using, these bad guys are going to improvise and figure out a way to do harm to the good people. No matter what laws or no matter what things we try to do and implement, the guys are going to figure it out, whether it’s driving an eighteen wheeler into an out station, or it’s building an improvised weapon or an AK or a blade, they’re going to do harm and they’re going to figure it out.


Dom: So, when I’m overseas and I’m dealing with that type of scenario and those situations, it’s no different when you talk about the violent intent versus the tools. And it is right here on our own soil.


Jerry: Oh, absolutely. All our laws are based off of culpability. They are all based off, did the actor knowingly or purposely do what he did? No matter what the tool is, whether it’s knife, a blunt striking object, a gun, a car, it’s all the same thing. We have to prove intent in which it was used for. And in today’s society we’re seeing bladed weapons and blunt striking objects, closed fists and beatings long before we see any gun activity.


Dom: Are any of these gun laws being debated right now even relevant to your job?


Jerry: In the end they’ll have no impact on criminal activity at all. None at all.


Jerry: Where it will create more criminal activity is the average, everyday citizen that gets caught with these guns and high capacity magazines and assault weapons now, that laws that didn’t exist before—they’ll be part of our national crime statistics because they’ll now be the violent criminal that possess these horrible weapons.


Jerry: And politicians will exploit this by saying, “We’ve made twenty-five percent more gun arrests.” Yeah, they were our citizens. They were the people that had their liberties and freedoms restricted.


Jerry: Once they put these high capacity magazines and the assault weapon ban back into place, I’ll be locking up the average everyday citizen and will consider those violent crime offenders.


Jerry: Just the mere possession of the guns they have always owned will make them criminals. So yeah, criminal activity will be rampant at the expense of our citizens.


Dom: It is unbelievable how we let the media corrupt this debate so far away from addressing the real problems we face as a nation. The only way anything is going to change is by getting more guys like Jerry talking about the violent reality they deal with. Because this whole gun debate, isn’t about solving problems. It’s about politics and cable TV ratings. And we’ve got to decide as a nation whether we’d rather ignore reality and let celebrities and political entertainers make decisions for us, or if we are going to go find the truth for ourselves.



Dom Raso: Knee-Jerk Reactions


Let’s talk about knee-jerk reactions when something bad happens. The media is salivating, just waiting for the next tragic story to come in so they can post it all over their network before anyone else beats them to the punch. They don’t say, “Man, something bad happened. We need to get our facts in order so we can tell people what actually happened.” Instead, they jump in with excitement and race to the scene to cover an event and get it in front of you, their audience.


While they’re out scavenging the world looking for something tragic to happen, guess who’s the first group that gets to voice their opinions? You guessed it – the media.


Journalists spend their lives chasing stories. And that’s fine; that’s their job. But their job is not to analyze the situation and then broadcast their own opinions to the world.

The shooting at the Navy yard in Washington is a prime example. I mean, the trash and useless information they put on the air was embarrassing. I felt like I was listening to little kids point out the obvious, and then repeat it over and over, adding in more of their own uninformed speculations each time.


But they just can’t help themselves, and even worse, they pretend to be instant experts on every subject. A plane crashes, and Piers Morgan’s an aviator. A bomb goes off and he’s a warrior. The next thing you know, what’s dominating the airwaves are the opinions of the media – instead of the facts, evidence and the truth of the matter.


I can’t even watch today’s media because the twists and the turns are so pathetic and weak. The worst part is, half the people in the country believe it all.


When someone asks me a question or my opinion on something and I don’t know the answer, I say, “Hey, I have no clue, but I’m sure I can find a resource who can help you out with that.” That’s an honest answer.


Stop acting like you know it all, because none of us have all of the answers. We all have the right to voice our opinions, and I would never argue with that. What we all need to avoid is having those knee-jerk reactions to significant events that happen within our country and in the world.


Because when you go on TV in the middle of the crisis and misinform the public with incorrect information, your words have consequences.