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Shoot and Shop at H&H and chances are you’ll discover something exciting. To help guests navigate our store, we put a lot of thought into how things are laid out and organized.
As part of that, we have expanded our Optics Department and our Knife Pro Shop to be front and center, near the entrance of our store. Our Handgun selection has been relocated to be in line with our selection of Long guns near our Gunsmith counter.
We thank our guests all the time for helping us get better at what we do. We’re always listening to your feedback, and it is your thoughts and ideas that help us make H&H Oklahoma’s Shooting Sports Headquarters™.

The 2015 H&H Shooting Sports Black Friday ad is here! This is the ad that will appear in The Oklahoman on Thanksgiving day. Their are many more items that will be on sale, that simply wouldn’t fit into the ad. H&H Shooting Sports will be closed Thanksgiving Day, but will be open from 9AM to 9PM on Black Friday. Doors will open again on Saturday at 9AM, and they’ll remain open until 9PM. The sale prices will continue to be honored on Sunday from 9AM to 6PM.  This is a 3 Day Sales event, however all items are available while supplies last.

H&H Shooting Sports Black Friday Ad 2015
Black Friday Ad insert for H&H Shooting Sports. Many more items on sale in store than what would fit in the ad. Join us Friday, Saturday and Sunday
2015 Black Friday Ad - Guns - Page 2
Select firearms on sale at H&H Shooting Sports for Black Friday. Many more on sale.
2015 Black Friday Sales Ad H&H Shooting Sports Archery & Reloading
Archery & Reloading Specials for Black Friday at H&H Shooting Sports. Editors Note: There will be no limit on the Standard Ammo in .45 ACP & .380
2015 Black Friday Ad H&H Shooting Sports Optics & Safes
Safes and Optics on special for Black Friday at H&H Shooting Sports
2015 Black Friday Sales Ad H&H Shooting Sports Safes
Gun Safes and biometric safes on sale at H&H Shooting Sports for Black Friday
2015 Black Friday Ad H&H Shooting Sports Knives & Ammo
Knives and Ammo Specials at H&H Shooting Sports for Black Friday
2015 Black Friday Sales Ad H&H Shooting Sports - Guns
Select Handguns on sale at H&H Shooting Sports for Back Friday, and ALL used guns 20% OFF.
2015 Black Friday Sales Ad H&H Shooting Sports Accessories
Great Gift Ideas at H&H Shooting Sports – Find the perfect gift for the shooter in your life.


Hunting and technology have always had a symbiotic relationship. Some examples of ancient tools include the bow, which was developed 18,000 years ago, and spears, of which fossils have been found in Asia that date back 16,000 years ago. Hunting techniques and technology have continued to evolve since this time, as shown by the following examples:

Duck Calls

Duck calls have been used as decoys since 1678. When it first began, hunters would trap wild ducks and provoke their calls to attract other wild ducks. In 1870, Elam Fisher patented a wooden duck call that was a tongue-pincher-style call. The call went through many improvements throughout the 20th century, mainly on the reeds and tone boards, to sound more realistic.

Today, hunters have easy access to electronic duck calls available on smartphone apps. For example, the Duck Hunting Call app by the Pico Brothers has seven professional duck calls for hunters to use. The Pico Brothers have released additional call apps for other varieties of game, as well. When these apps are paired with a smartphone’s advanced audio technology, such as the HTC Boom Sound on the HTC One M9, duck calls can be taken to the next level. Both wooden and electronic game calls have been reviewed to be effective, so the choice of going for the traditional or new method of calling is based on preference.


Optical aiming technology has been integrated into hunting methods since the 17th century. The scopes hunters attach to their rifles have improved drastically from 1835 to the present. The early scopes were refractor telescopes, which used a lens as its objective to form an image. However, these were soon replaced by reflecting telescopes, which provided larger openings, or apertures. The design was again improved upon in the World War II era with the release of eye relief scopes, which let the viewer see a wider range of angles. From these technologies, scopes quickly improved to adapt to low light with the integration of infrared night vision devices.

Some smartphones are replacing scope attachments because they can attach directly to a hunter’s rifle and be used with the help of apps, such as Inteliscope. This app does more than just provide an improved optical range with a 5x digital zoom, but it also records the hunt so the hunter can watch it over again. It also provides you with a compass, GPS positioning, a shot timer, flashlight and strobe, ballistic drop compensation and a library of selectable reticles. Although many hunters enjoy this new technology, some criticize it for making the hunting experience feel more like a video game. The app averaged a 3.5 rating from 773 users. Reviews praise it for the quality of the mount, but also criticize its inability to auto rotate.

As hunting technology continues to move forward, it seems like the path leads to primarily electronic adaptations, which give hunters accessible, multi-faceted tools they can take anywhere.

Increase your spot -to-walk ratio with the Vulture HD 15×56. Perfect for wide-open western landscapes where intense scrutiny of every game-hiding terrain feature and game itself is the primary hunting tactic.

Phase-corrected roof prisms and fully multicoated lenses with proprietary XR anti-reflective coatings deliver a super-bright image that’s sharp from edge-to-edge. Ultrahard ArmorTek coating on exterior lenses protects against scratches, oil and dirt.

Center diopter adjusts for differences in a user’s eyes. Twist-up eyecups ensure comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses. O-ring sealed and Argon purged for superior waterproof and fogproof performance.

Right at home on a solid vantage point and locked down on a quality tripod, the Vulture HD 15×56 is the perfect choice for extend glassing sessions in big country.

MSRP: $599.00

American owned, Middleton, Wis. based Vortex Optics designs, engineers, produces and distributes a complete line of premium binoculars, riflescopes, spotting scopes, tripods and related accessories. Dedicated to exceptional quality, value and unrivaled customer service, Vortex backs its products with its unconditional, transferable, lifetime VIP-warranty. Built on more than 20 years of experience in the optics industry, Vortex is rapidly emerging as a leading brand in the optics market.

Vortex – The Force of Optics | www.vortexoptics.com

Bushnell's AR 1- 4x 24mmBushnell’s AR 1- 4x 24mm

Bushnell, an industry-leader in high performance sports optics for more than 60 years, has introduced two new 1-4x 24mm riflescopes in the AR Optics line. Featuring true one-power magnification, high-quality optics and target turrets, the AR Optics product line is a high-quality, cost-effective optics solution.

Featuring fully multi-coated optics, the AR Optics line provides exceptional light transmission and image clarity. With an overall length just over nine inches, the scope is a perfect fit on AR-style rifles. Built from a durable, one-piece 30mm tube, the riflescope has plenty of travel for extended-range elevation adjustments. In addition, target turrets and a fast focus eyepiece allow shooters to make quick adjustments in the field.

The first riflescope in the line features the new Drop Zone 223 Reticle, a bullet-drop compensation (BDC) reticle with a 100-yard zero and aiming points out to 500 yards. The reticle is calibrated for .223/5.56mm ammunition with a bullet weight range of 55-62 grain. The target turrets on this model have a ½ MOA click value.

The second model is a first focal plane riflescope that features the BTR-1 illuminated reticle and a throw down power change lever for quick magnification adjustments. The BTR-1, calibrated for .223/5.56mm ammunition, is an illuminated BDC reticle that functions as a red dot at low power while offering aiming points to 600 yards at full power. The target turrets on this model have .1 Mil click values.

The AR Optics 1-4x 24mm Riflescopes are available for estimated retail prices of $199.99 and $299.99, respectively.

Image courtesy Bushnell

The new 3x 30mm Equinox night vision monocular.The new 3x 30mm Equinox night vision monocular.

Bushnell Outdoor Products, an industry-leader in high performance sports optics for more than 60 years, has introduced a new 3x 30mm digital night vision device. The Equinox series from Bushnell features night vision monoculars in four popular configurations.

The new 3x 30mm Equinox night vision monocular uses digital technology to provide crisp, clear images and a dual output mode that allows users to display images in green or black and white at the push of a button. The green display is ideal for almost-dark to completely dark conditions, while the black and white display is optimal when some ambient light is available, either at dusk or dawn or under bright moonlight.

Built with a rugged, water-resistant housing that meets IPX-4 waterproof specifications, the Equinox series offers all-weather performance. With two integrated polarized filters that defuse the light intensity and make it more natural to the eye, the Equinox provides a more comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience. The screen brightness and image contrast are both easily adjustable for optimal viewing.

The Equinox devices are tripod mountable and include integrated accessory rails that facilitate the addition of an IR light to dramatically extend the viewing range. Equinox night vision monoculars are popular for wildlife watching, hunting, landowner security, or any other nighttime activity.

The Bushnell Equinox 3x 30mm digital night vision monocular has a suggested retail price of $329.99.

Image courtesy Bushnell