Fun new targets at the range

It seems like shooters have been blasting away at the same bull’s eyes and silhouettes since forever now.  But thanks to a GunFun Shooting Targets, you can have a choice as to what you put down range!  So next time you go to the range, perhaps for one of our daily range specials, keep your eye’s on the look out for some of their fun targets.

Hostage Crisis.

Push your tactical skills to the max with this target!  It features a Hollywood style situation where any real-life miss would be catastrophic!  It’s best used with a handgun to help you tighten up those groups but since it’s just paper you can use just about any firearm.  Shotguns are unadvised for obvious reasons


Vital dude.

Now here’s a great twist on the silhouette.  This great target shows off the skeleton and internal organs of an average male.  This x-ray look helps you to see the actual vital zones of a human attacker.  With this one you don’t have to aim for some arbitrary center but instead you can go for the actual heart, lungs and liver!



This one offers some fun for the whole family.  The sink-a-sub target can be set for any distance to test out your skill.  It’s best paired with an accurate .22LR.  The real skill involved here is making sure that you don’t accidentally hit the water or the wrong sub.  Pull the target all the way to the back for the maximum challenge.  This’ll really make sure your sights are zeroed.


What I’ve listed here is not even the full selection.  More can be bought from their website or at H&H Shooting Sports range check in section.  Look for the full color ones on the black shelf and test these fun one’s out at your next range visit!

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RANGE_RulesandRegulations RANGE_RulesandRegulations2

Firearms Range Rules & Regulations—Rules subject to change without notice. Please check with Range Staff for most current rules—

Basic Safety Rules
Treat all guns as if they were loaded.
Keep your finger off the trigger until the gun is pointed down range and ready to fire.
Be sure of your target and what lies beyond.
Always wear hearing and eye protection.
Range Rules, Regulations, and Waiver of Liability and Claims

—Must be signed and followed by all who enter range—

Guns & Targets Brought Into The Range

All firearms and magazines brought into the range must be completely UNLOADED, unless you are a conceal carry permit holder. All guns and ammunition will be inspected for cleanliness, workability, and saftey prior to entering the range. All targets must meet range requirements.

Handguns: 12″ wide by 12″ long
Rifles: 23″ wide by 23″ long
Shotgun: 23″ wide by 35″ long

Range Officer

The Range Officer is in direct charge of the range at all times.
The Range Officer may request any person handling a firearm in an unsafe or careless manner to leave the range.

Firing Line Procedure

Only one loaded firearm at a time. No other gun handling behind the firing line.
All persons must wear eye and ear protection before entering the range. Please keep to your assigned shooting lane. Do not change lanes without notifying the Range Officer.
No rapid firing is allowed. Two-second intervals between shots for all rifle and shotgun calibers.
Targets MUST be set at a full distance before shooting rifle calibers.
Targets MUST be set at a minimum of 10 yards before shooting shotgun calibers.
Shooters must load and unload their own firearms. Please notify the Range Officer for assistance with all firearm malfunctions and stoppages.
Only line-of-sight (at eye-level) firing is permitted.
Drawing from the holster is not allowed.
Keep your finger off the trigger until on target.

When temporarily leaving the firing line, lay the firearm with the muzzle down range and the action open. H&H assumes no liability for lost or stolen property.

When permanently leaving the firing line, unload all firearm(s) with the action opened and place all cases or bags at the firing point. Concealed Handgun licensees may load and conceal personal firearms at the firing point only.

The command “Cease Firing” means just that: STOP shooting and step back from the lane.


Do not remove firearms from the lane, and contact the Range Officer IMMEDIATELY for assistance.


Any person seen firing at lights, baffles, carriers, or any other range property or equipment will have their membership suspended and will be reported to the proper authorities for appropriate action. Firing at boxes, cups, or other objects is prohibited. Only targets authorized by the Range Officer will be permitted. You will be held accountable and may have to pay for any damage you cause.

Firearms Permitted

Centerfire rifles on the Rifle Range ONLY.Rifle ammunition faster than 3400 fps is prohibited. Check with the Range Officer for specific calibers.Most handguns except those chambered for centerfire rifle ammunition above 2000 fps are permitted on the Pistol RangeFully-automatic firearms are allowed at the discretion of the Range Officer and proper paperwork must be presented.(ONLY pistol calibers will be allowed).
Black powder muzzle loading firearms are permitted on the Rifle RangeShotguns are allowed at the discretion of the Range Officer.
All air guns and BB guns allowed on the Air Gun Range ONLY.Any firearms not mentioned here must be verified and approved by the Ranger Officer prior to use on the range.Ammunition Permitted
Standard commercial and reloaded ammunition is permitted.Any type of ammunition designed for penetrating metal is not permitted.NO STEEL JACKETED, STEEL SHOT OR STEEL CORE BULLETS PERMITTED.No tracer, incendiary, gas, or explosive ammunition permitted.Firing Line Occupants

All persons using the facilities will be of good character. Appropriate dess is required at all times. Please remember we are a family-oriented facility. We have the right to refuse service to anyone. Anyone who smells, looks, or otherwise appears to be intoxicated or impaired by the influence of alcohol or any other substance will be invited to leave the facility.

All persons utilizing the range are required to receive, understand and sign the rules, regulations, and disclaimer notice.

A responsible adult must accompany persons under the age of twenty-one years of age. This adult shall act as a coach and MUST remain with the minor at all times while the minor is utilizing the range.


Only one shooter and coach permitted per point, only one un-cased firearm permitted at the firing lane.
Persons not shooting or coaching are not permitted on the range. We have viewing areas provided for this.
No one is permitted forward of the firing line or beyond the carpetted area. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Any equipment or other personal items left unattended in a shooting point are left so at the owner’s risk.

Brass Retrieval
All Range brass is to be pushed forward off of the carpet.
Do not go down range to retrieve your brass.

Eye Protection
Safety glasses are MANDATORY. Available for loan at no extra charge.

Ear Protection
All persons on the range MUST wear some form of ear protection. Available for loan at no extra charge.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the range officer about anything you are not sure of. We will be happy to help you in any way we can.
Help us keep this range safe. Please abide by the rules and report anyone you see not obeying the rules to the range officer. After all, it is your safety we are concerned about.

Waiver of Liability and Claims
I, my agents, assigns, executors or administrators for the consideration of being allowed to enter, rent and or use the facilities, and services of H&H Shooting Sports do hereby absolutely and unequivocally agree to release and hold harmless H&H Shooting Sports , its agents, employees, instructors, assigns, owners and successors from any & all claims, demand or liability, arising out of any injury loss or disability connected with the use of, attendance or activities at the facility. I further understand that shooting can be dangerous and will at all times exercise safe gun handling practices.
I have read, understand and fully agree to all of the above.


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This amazing bolt-action platform gun will have you wanting to shoot more. The Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) is a bolt-action rifle, but in an AR platform. The calibers will come in 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, and .243. The rifle has a butt stock that folds to the left with the press of a button. On the butt stock it also has a length of pull adjustment as well as a comb height. The magazine release is extended for easy mag changes. The platform is able to take Pmags and steel mags. The action is extremely smooth and has a large tear drop. The keymod rail makes it easy to add accessories on the RPR. With the rifle being threaded being able to add any muzzle break or suppressor makes the shooter have an even better shooting experience when on the range or hunting. Overall this rifle has everything that you could ever wish for in a rifle.

Shooting RPR was an amazing experience! This rifle has very little kick from the .308. The RPR has the same controls as an AR which makes it simple to use. When shooting the Ruger the trigger is an accu-style trigger, and it comes in about 4 pounds. There is no creep in the trigger which makes for a clean break when pressing the trigger. The ergonomics of the RPR  makes the rifle very easy to shoot and very comfortable. I can say I was very excited and pleased at its performance and precision. 

IMG_2649 IMG_2655

Have you ever been to the shooting range and forgot to bring any eye protection or any other essential range gear?  Well here is a list of essential items to bring to the range.

  1. Range Bag – A must, even if it’s a backpack. As long as it will carry your range gear from your vehicle to the range.  There are a wide variety of bags, many that are versatile enough for any situation that may arise on the range. SRB-13
  2. Magazines – It wouldn’t be any fun to load rounds one after the other by hand. You can never have enough magazines with you on the range.ar15-magazines
  3. Ammo –  This one is almost a no brainer, but you can never have enough ammo with you on the range.IMG_20130821_152613_383
  4. Ear Protection – Personal ear protection is the way to go. Also sometimes it’s good to double up.HLT-3
  5. Eye Protection – Eye glasses don’t work. It’s best to use eye protection that are ballistic.Eye-Oakley-1
  6. Targets – You need something to shoot at, so if your range doesn’t have targets or the fun-loving zombie targets you like to shoot at, then don’t forget to add these as well.ZombieTarget_1
  7. Trauma Kit – You never know when you can be the person to help yourself from a wound or anyone else.Tactical Development Group
  8. Bench Rest – Target practice or zeroing it is key to be stable. A bench bag like the Outdoor Connection Leather Filled Bench Bag pictured below provides a steady platform and grips the rifle forend for added stability. 81yB02J4GWL._SL1500_
  9. Spotting Scope – Sometimes this is helpful when you don’t want to walk down to your target outdoors.97824_ts
  10. Cleaning Kit – A clean firearm is a happy firearm. This Remington Universal Cleaning Kit is available for $50.01 Remington-17187-047700171876
  11. Allen Wrenches – Unless you have everything lock tight, then this is extremely helpful to reset the screws back down.1977_moped_parts_Metric-Allen-Wrench-Set-50140
  12. Lubrication  – Lubrication is very important for the metal on metal contact on firearms. AR’s love lubrication!Frog-Lube-CLP
  13. Speed Loader  – If you’re going to be loading your magazines constantly this will help out with speed and the fatigue of your hands.458590


Remember everything that you could bring to the range could be needed by you or the fellow shooter next to you that wasn’t well prepared like you were to have fun at the range. Do you have any items in your range bag that we didn’t list? Feel free to tell us about it in the comment section below!