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Top 3 reasons to get into reloading.

Reloading ammunition is an extremely worth while effort.  The concept has been around just about as long as the center-fire cartridge has been.  With some older boxes of ammo even giving you instructions on how to reload it.  While it may seem like a daunting process at first once you get into the groove you just don’t want to stop.

Number 3:  Save’s time and money.

For the high volume shooter reloading your own ammo is a no brainier.  Being able to pick up your brass and then reuse it is not only a money saver but a time saver as well.  Now you won’t have to go to the store and buy some or have to wait for a long delivery process.  It can be ready when you want it and how you want it.  Some older guns may use calibers that either aren’t in production any more or are hard to find.  It’s not every day you find 9.3×74mmR.  As long as you take care of your cases you can use them about 5 times.

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Number 2: Great customization.

With long distance shooting, factory ammo might not cut it for you.  It might either be too expensive, hard to find or just not up to your standards.  So with reloading you can dial in your ammo to your gun like crazy.  You can change the bullet weight or gun powder weight my very tiny amounts that can take your .75 inch group down to a .45 inch group.   It’s all up to you though because your in full control of your press.  Psst, hey!  Is factory ammo too soft for ya?  Does it merely drop a deer after it takes a few steps instead of dropping it where it stands?  While it’s not recommended you can take your ammo to it’s absolute limits of what your gun can handle.  Though no one, not even my self will recommend this, it is possible.  Please make sure that your guns can handle what your throwing at it.  You can even go waay under for something like a suppressor.

Read all the warning so this doesn’t happen to you!

Number 1:  Stay shooting for longer.

While this last point may be a bit more nebulous it’ll make more sense once I fully explain it.  People who have stuck around and kept on shooting generally reload.  The reloading process gets you more involved into shooting so you feel more active in it.  The only way to be more active is to make your own guns honestly.  With reloading you’ll be able to talk about why your powder loads are the best and why every one should try yours out.  You get to talk to other re-loaders who have been doing going at it for longer than you’ve been alive.  Do you think you’ll be doing something you don’t like for that long?  I rest my case.

Now there are plenty of reasons to get into reloading.  Some can be huge or very minute.  What I’m trying to say is that it can be a very worth while investment.  With a good reloading press and some time you can get the best out of your guns and your brass.  So consider taking a reloading class at H&H!  Do you already reload?  If so sound off in the comments and tell us what you do and why you reload!  Thanks for reading.


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Show how hunters, shooters, and outdoorsmen are conservationists. We are all trying to “Go Green” and this is a great opportunity to enter a photo contest and show how you as a shooter are going green. Maybe a share a photo of you at a reloading press, a picture of yourself out on the hunt promoting wildlife conservation, or even a shot of yourself at an indoor shooting range with a recycled rubber backstop!

Below is the official announcement from Press the President, the political news site who is hosting the contest.


Press the President Announces Photo Contest and Tips for Americans to “Go Green” This April

Clean-up Your Carbon Footprint this April, Not Just Your Closet

Washington D.C. (April 22, 2014) – For many Americans, April signifies the arrival of spring and new beginnings. This April, Press the President, an online collaborative blog, is challenging Americans to start a new beginning by “going green” and share their actions with our readers. With Earth Day taking place on April 22nd and Arbor Day taking place on April 25th, there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate the environment. Below are some tips from the editorial staff at Press the President on how you can go green this April:

·         Writing Online – American businesses throw away 21 million tons of paper every year, so what better way to celebrate the environment than by writing online? Press the President allows you to engage in debates and express your opinion in an open political forum. And the best part is, not a single sheet of paper goes to waste on our articles!

·         Have a Vegetarian Day – Press the President recently interviewed Congressman Jim Moran about animal rights. One way to help animals, and the globe, is go “vegetarian” once a week. Did you know that it requires 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef? By eliminating meat from your diet once a week, you are saving the environment and helping animals. On the days that you do eat meat, try to buy local grass-fed produce to help lower the carbon footprint even more.

·         Rock Your Own Coffee Cup – There is no doubt America is a caffeinated nation and many of us depend on our coffee. But we can still have our coffee from restaurants and save the plastic and paper wasted containing it every day. Many coffee stores now offer discounts if you bring your own cup as well.

·         Gift It, Don’t Throw It – How many times have you heard the expression ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?’ This spring, make that a reality by donating your clothes, electronics, and other items to a charity instead of tossing them. Or get those items to a recycling bin.

Live in an apartment? Organize a drive with other members in your building so that you make fewer trips to the shelter and save gas as well.

Urban Gardening:  Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t add some green to your everyday life. First Lady Michelle Obama brought urban gardening to the White House, and so have many city residents who have started community gardens to create a more sustainable lifestyle. Also consider teaching children about the importance of learning where your food comes from.


In addition to all these tips for living a greener lifestyle, Press the President wants you to share your story on our website and social media outlets. We are hosting a photo competition throughout the month of April because we want to see (and the President to hear and see) how you and your community are going green. To submit a picture, either tweet @PTP_US with the hashtag #GoGreen, post on our Facebook wall, or email can read the full contest guidelines her:

About Press the President:

Press the President is a worldwide forum for unfiltered debate about U.S. issues that affect the globe. The site’s founders have created a space where writers can express their opinions freely. Americans are often criticized as not having enough of a political voice. Press the President provides a platform for people who want to make their voices heard from the White House to Main Street. Online visitors can share their views at or visit our Facebook page at to join in our weekly debates.