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Sig Sauer Silencers

SIG SAUER® Silencer Division Debuts
in Signature Reduction Technology


NEWINGTON, NH – SIG SAUER, Inc., has assembled a team of industry leading engineers, designers, and professional end-users under the leadership of Division President Kevin Brittingham to introduce the next generation of professional grade signature reduction devices to the market.

“The team we have assembled is combining cutting-edge design with advanced material selection and state of-the-art manufacturing processes,” said Jeff Creamer, Executive Director and General Merchandise Manager for SIG SAUER, Inc. “SIG SAUER Silencers offer new standards of durability, accuracy, and performance.”

Offering solutions for rimfire, centerfire pistols and centerfire rifles up to .338 Lapua Magnum, users can enhance their shooting experience over a wide array of host platforms. Featuring innovations like tubeless rifle silencers to maximize volume and reduce weight, Taper-Lok™ fast-attach mounting systems that minimize point-of-impact shift, and machined wrench flats to facilitate proper torque and ease of removal.

In addition to technical innovations, SIG SAUER has rethought the utility of silencers. Primarily looked at as a military tool, silencers have exploded on the sport and recreational shooting scene over the past few years.

“As we started to rethink silencers, we also rethought how they are used,” Creamer said. “The result is a military-grade silencer that would be optimal for any unit or law enforcement agency to use, that also makes sense for the commercial market.”

For example, the SRD45 silencer, designed for use on .45 Auto handguns, comes with two pistons, allowing it to be attached to either .578×28 TPI or M16x1LH threads, making it a versatile choice for use on multiple firearms. Nine millimeter and .40S&W pistons are available and greatly add to the versatility of the system. Likewise, the SRD22 rimfire silencer comes with two adapters: both ½x28 and M9.

SIG SAUER has also rethought how silencers attach to firearms, which is the key factor in accuracy. New tapered direct thread designs eliminate the need for a crush washer, allowing the silencers to be more securely torqued down, increases the surface area of contact, and is self-centering to the bore. This design allows for a much more secure fit and significantly reduces the POI shift when using the silencer.

This taper design carries over to the new Taper-Lok™ QD mounting system. The innovative, modular three-piece design does not require timing to the barrel. Once attached, the Taper-Lok mount features interchangeable muzzle devices, so users can change from a muzzle brake to a flash hider, without the need to remove the mount from the barrel. Taper-Lok QD silencers feature a secondary retention latch, which has wrench flats machined in to facilitate proper torque and aid in removal when heavily fouled by carbon build-up.

SIG SAUER pistol silencers are constructed with 100% 17-4 stainless steel baffles, which offer the same weight as aluminum but far better wear resistance and durability. Designed to be hearing safe when used “dry,” SIG SAUER pistol silencers can also be used “wet” with an ablative material such as water. The rimfire silencer can be disassembled for easy cleaning, and the stainless baffles allow the silencer to be “dipped” into an ultrasonic cleaner, something not possible with aluminum baffle stacks.

Featuring a selection of stainless steel, titanium, direct mount or fast attach, select SIG SAUER silencers will hit the market in Q1 2015.


Follow SIG SAUER on social media, including Facebook at www.facebook.com/sigsauerinc, Instagram atwww.instagram.com/sigsauerinc, and YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/sigsauerinc.

About SIG SAUER, Inc.
SIG SAUER, Inc. is a New Hampshire-based weapons systems provider leading the industry in American innovation, ingenuity, and manufacturing. SIG SAUER® brings a dedication to superior quality, ultimate reliability, and unmatched performance that has made it the brand of choice among responsible citizens, and many of the world’s most elite military, government, and law enforcement units. As a complete systems provider, SIG SAUER offers a full array of products to meet any mission parameter, from handguns and rifles to silencers, optics, ammunition, accessories, and airguns. The largest member of a worldwide business group of firearms manufacturers that includes SIG SAUER GmbH & Co. KG in Germany and Swiss Arms AG in Switzerland, SIG SAUER is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company with more than 700 employees. For more information on SIG SAUER, any of its products, or the SIG SAUER AcademySM, log on to www.sigsauer.com.


SIG Sauer 1911 Super Target (3)

“If the bullet is the tack then this is the driver,” reads the description of SIG Sauer’s new sport-oriented 1911, the Super Target. These classy pistols will be available with stainless or Nitron finishes and are upgraded versions of the 1911 Target series.

Like SIG’s Traditional series 1911s they sport classic 1911 contours with several modern touches. Super Target models are full-size single-action single-stack .45 ACP handguns with more than a couple of upgrades to give them the competitive edge.

They’re well-off when it comes to features, starting with a very pretty set of Scandinavian Birch target grips that have an integral, extended magwell that neatly conceal the eight-round magazines tucked inside.

SIG hand-fits the Target pistols that are equipped with match-grade barrels and fire control parts including the hammer, sear and trigger. The hammer and trigger are skeletonized and the trigger includes an overtravel screw.

SIG Sauer 1911 Super Target

The slide stop and ambidextrous trigger are slightly extended and serrated and the magazine release is extended as well. Common to SIG 1911s Super Target pistols have extended beavertail grip safeties with “memory buttons” at the base of the safety.

The frames feature 25-line-per-inch checkering on the frontstrap and the backstrap has and 20-LPI checkering for a stable but not overly-sharp grip texture. Not all of the embellishments are strictly for function, as the slide is engraved with a polished SIG logo that blends into the gun’s lines perfectly.

Riding on top of the slide is a long fiber-optic front sight and fully-adjustable rear target sight to perfectly tune the gun and the load to the shooter. The slide has wide, full-height slide serrations at the rear for easy slide manipulation under any circumstances.

And while the Nitron model has SIG’s familiar satin black finish the Stainless model has a dark, matte grey finish with a bead-blasted look.

Both models will weigh in at a hair over 41 ounces unloaded and have suggested retail prices at around $1,399, but like with all SIG products, street prices will be a couple hundred less. We expect these to list in the $1,100 to $1,200 range, give or take, which is competitive with other premium 1911s.

SIG Sauer doesn’t have the details listed yet on the company’s website but they are going into production this month and will ship soon. For more details and all things SIG, head over to the SIG Sauer Facebook page.

SIG SAUER Offers Limited Number of Rare Swiss SG 553 Pistols

SIG SAUER®, Inc. has imported a limited number of the famed Swiss Arms SG 553 pistols to the U.S. market. These Swiss-built firearms have set the standard for reliability and dependability worldwide.

Built around the famed SG 551/552 series gas piston actions, the SG 553 delivers the ultimate in reliability and function combined with the legendary Swiss design and attention to manufacturing details.

“The classic SG rifle series are highly sought among collectors and firearms experts,” said Jeff Creamer, SIG SAUER Executive Director and General Merchandise Manager. “This was a unique opportunity and the only time SIG SAUER has been able to offer the SG 553 to the commercial market in the United States.”

Featuring a two-position gas valve, ambidextrous controls and hooded front sight. The SG 553 is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO, and has a rugged, durable Nitride treated finish.

The SG 553 is available with either the renowned Swiss Rotary Diopter Sight welded to the receiver or with an M1913 rail, for mounting any number of optics or accessories. Flip-up sights are standard on the railed models.

A polymer handguard keeps the classic lines of the SG 553 design. Legendary 30-round Swiss translucent polymer 30-round magazines and a three-prong flash hider complete the package.

Become a fan of SIG SAUER on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SigSauerInc.



Major U.S. gun manufacturer Sig Sauer announced a major layoff today, saying the overall slump in gun sales has forced it to cut nearly 10 percent of its staff from its Exeter, New Hampshire, and Newington, New Hampshire, manufacturing facilities.

The move comes as the firearms buying “bubble” has seemingly burst, with many major gun manufacturers reporting slower sales than previous years. Sig says it staffed up to meet the increasing demand for firearms over the last several years, but a return to “normal” sales made those employees no longer necessary.

“The firearms market has begun to cool from the record highs experienced over the past couple of years,” Sig said in a release. “Additional resources, including new employees, were brought on to help meet this spike in demand. Now that sales have began to return to normal, an adjustment in staff numbers is needed to maintain an efficient and cost-effective workflow.”

Sig sources say about 100 employees were let go from both facilities, with modernization initiatives at the Newington plant enhancing “productivity and efficiency” that made a larger labor force redundant. The company announced the cuts to its workforce July 10.

“These difficult, but necessary, measures will allow SIG SAUER to continue to deliver innovative, high-quality firearms to its customers,” the company said. “As SIG SAUER continues to grow into new business categories, including ammunition and accessory products, these market-driven decisions will play a significant role.”

Sig Sauer MPX carbine

Gun maker SIG Sauer filed suit against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives last week challenging what it considers an inaccurate ruling on its product.

SIG claims that the ATF classified the muzzle brake designed for the SIG MPX as a silencer even though it will not “silence, muffle or diminish” the sound of a gunshot, according to court documents.

“The device is designed and intended to reduce the felt recoil of the firearm by directing the propellant gases perpendicular to the axis of the bore,” SIG argues.

The company introduced the MPX in January 2013 at the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade show along with a line of silencers and silencer-ready firearms, meaning they’re equipped with threaded barrels. But the MPX was a bit more advanced.

Unlike SIG’s other new products for 2013, the MPX is equipped with a 9 1/2 inch muzzle brake welded onto a 6 1/2-inch barrel, putting the overall length at 16 inches, which is compliant with ATF regulations dictated by the Gun Control Act. However, the muzzle brake can double as the internal components for a silencer. The only variable missing from turning the muzzle brake into an integral silencer is a cover. And that latter detail is the basis for the ATF’s classification.

(This video shows how SIG Sauer marketed the SIG MPX and its muzzle brake at SHOT 2013. The rep describes the silencer around 1:50.)

“The submitted item is designed and constructed as a silencer component commonly referred to as a ‘monolithic baffle stack,’” Earl Griffin, chief of the Firearms Technology Branch for the ATF, wrote SIG in August 2013. “A monolithic baffle stack is a silencer core that replaces traditional individual baffle and spacer parts with a solid unit that may contain a series of baffles, spacers, ports, or expansion chambers. Welding it to a barrel does not change its design characteristics or function.”

Griffin continued, “Based on the findings reviewed above, the FTB examination has determined that the submitted sample is a part intended only for use in the assembly or fabrication of a silencer and, therefore, is a silencer … Hence, it is subject to regulation under both GCA and (National Firearms Act) provisions.”

A few months later in December, SIG appealed the FTB’s conclusion with a series of internal tests.

For the first test, SIG measured the decibel level of a SIG rifle, in compliance with ATF regulation, with the muzzle brake attached. SIG determined that the muzzle actually amplifies, rather than diminishes, the report of the firearm.

The second test measured the recoil and determined that the muzzle brake did in fact reduce muzzle rise and felt recoil, much like SIG suggested.


The third test explored the law and provided numerous examples from other companies that SIG claims are similar concepts to its muzzle brake, but they have ATF approval.

Griffin responded in February and reiterated the ATF’s earlier points. “We appreciate your further inquiry, but find no reason to amend our earlier findings.”

SIG’s attorneys argue that classifying the muzzle brake as a silencer will cause the company to suffer “economic injury” because the device cannot be marketed as a silencer because of the aforementioned details.

Additionally, the classification adds burdensome bureaucratic hurdles and fees for ownership and in turn drive potential customers aways because, as the document iterates, the device is not a silencer.

The ATF, and Attorney General Eric Holder, has 60 days from April 15 to reply to the lawsuit.


SIG SAUER® P320™ Revolutionizes the Polymer-Frame Service Pistol

NEWINGTON, N.H. (January 14, 2014) — SIG SAUER introduces the P320™, a polymer-framed service pistol designed in conjunction with law enforcement to meet the needs of today’s armed professionals.


Taking into account the concerns of military and police training officers, the P320 provides an enhanced level of safety not found on most modern service pistols. Unlike its competitors, the P320 does not require the operator to pull the trigger nor use a special tool to take down the firearm for cleaning or routine maintenance.

“One of the main points that kept coming up with trainers was the risk of accidental discharge inherent in today’s striker fired service pistols,” said Jeff Creamer, SIG SAUER Director of Product Management. “Unless they require a special takedown tool, other pistols require the operator to pull the trigger before disassembly. Classic SIG SAUER pistols have never needed this, and we made sure the P320 didn’t either.”

Featuring a modular grip frame and removable fire control assembly pioneered by SIG SAUER, the P320 is customizable to any hand size or duty requirement. The P320 can quickly be converted from a full-size to a carry pistol. Slide and barrel conversions allow the P320 to change calibers and barrel lengths as well. The P320 will be immediately available in 9mm, .40 and .357SIG, with .45ACP coming later in 2014

With a partially pretensioned striker, the P320 has a short, crisp trigger pull with a quick, pronounced reset right out of the box. The P320 comes in two trigger variants: a standard trigger and a tabbed safety trigger for specific law enforcement clients. Featuring SIG SAUER’s internal safety system, the P320 has no external safety or decocking lever to snag or hang up on the draw. A thumb safety version will be available for law enforcement needs. SIGLITE night sights come standard, and the reversible magazine release makes the P320 completely ambidextrous.

Whatever the requirement, patrol duty, competition, time at the shooting range or concealed carry, the P320 brings SIG SAUER’s legendary reliability, durability and quality to this polymer-framed, striker-fired duty pistol.

Become a fan of SIG SAUER on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SigSauerInc.

About SIG SAUER®, Inc.
SIG SAUER, Inc. is the largest member of a worldwide business group of firearms manufacturers that includes SIG SAUER GmbH & Co. KG in Germany and Swiss Arms AG in Switzerland. This global network of companies gives SIG SAUER a world-class firearms knowledge base, unparalleled design expertise, and extensive manufacturing capacity, enabling the company to respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions and the needs of its military, law enforcement, and commercial markets worldwide. SIG SAUER is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company with more than 900 employees. For more information on SIG SAUER, any of its products, or the SIG SAUER Academy℠, log on to www.sigsauer.com.

P320 Full-Size
Caliber 9mm, .357SIG, .40S&W
Action Type Striker
Trigger Pull 5.5 – 7.5 lbs
Overall Length 8.0 in
Overall Height 5.5 in
Overall Width 1.4 in
Barrel Length 4.7 in
Sight Radius 6.6 in
Weight w/Mag 29.4 oz
Mag Capacity (9mm) 17 Rounds, (.357SIG,.40S&W) 14 Rounds
Sights SIGLITE® Night Sights
Grips Interchangeable Polymer Grip Modules
Frame Finish One-piece Stainless Steel
Slide Finish Nitron®
Accessory Rail M1913 Rail
Features Interchangeable grip modules, sizes and calibers
MSRP $713.00

10 Of The Best Carry Guns Right Now


Most people who carry never have to draw their gun—nor do they want to—but when it happens we must be prepared to respond effectively. We all have a responsibility to choose a dependable firearm that can do the job when engaging a deadly threat.
Some folks claim pea-shooting rimfires serve their purpose just fine, while others won’t leave home without a J-Frame in their boot and a 1911 cocked and locked on their hip. So it stands to reason asking a shooter to name the best carry gun would simply be an exercise in determining personal preference.
Luckily, we’re here to help you choose the best sidearm, while also stirring a healthy debate on the subject. Take a look at the 10 options below and find the carry gun that works for you, then make sure to vote for your favorite.

 1. Colt Mustang

Defying typical 1911 physics, the Colt Mustang Pocketlite weighs less than one pound while loaded with six rounds of .380 ACP. The Mustang is a worthy choice for those accustomed to carrying a full-sized 1911, but need a deeper concealment option. Its quality construction comes from a CNC-machined aluminum alloy receiver, as well as a stainless steel slide and barrel.For those seeking an even lighter version, Colt recently introduced the polymer-framed, 12-ounce Mustang XSP (pictured), which also sports an ambidextrous safety and dovetailed sights. As with any single-action pistol with no grip safety, be sure to carry it in a holster that completely protects the trigger guard from snagging on clothing or getting bumped in a purse.

 2. CZ P-07 Dutycz-p-07-duty

Think multi-purpose tool when it comes to the CZ P-07 Duty. Originally intended as a rugged law enforcement and military sidearm, the P-07 Duty is known to carry well open or concealed. Its compact polymer frame houses 12 rounds of .40 S&W and has an integral accessory rail for attaching lights and lasers. An Omega trigger system operates in both double- and single-action, with a decocking lever that can be converted into a safety selector per the operator’s preference. CZ also recently introduced the same model with a 1/2×28-threaded barrel for those want the ability to attach a suppressor. Compact versatility meets value with the CZ P-07.

 3. Glock 19glock_19

Its blocky design has been mocked from every corner of the earth, but what the Glock 19 lacks in appearance it makes up for in unprecedented reliability and durability. The G19 holds 15 rounds of 9mm in a compact design that’s been carried by military, law enforcement and civilians for 25 years. The G19 can seat larger 17- and 33-round magazines, which make for great backups when the situation calls for more ammo.Commonly available drop-in parts allow people to make simple modifications without any gunsmithing experience. The Gen 4 model comes with an extended magazine catch, rough textured frame, dual recoil spring assembly and modular backstrap. If you could only have one pistol for carry, home protection and IDPA competition, the Glock 19 will get the job done.

4. Kahr PM9kahr_pm_9

The Kahr PM9 combines the accuracy of a match-grade polygonal barrel with machined internal components on a lightweight polymer frame. Its 15.9-ounce weight and overall length of 5.42 inches make it a great option for IWB carry. The PM9 is available from the factory with regular combat sights or tritium night sights, and either an external safety selector or loaded chamber indicator. Carry it concealed with a standard six-round, single-stack magazine and slip an extended seven-round mag in your pocket for backup.

5.  Kel-Tec PF-9kel-tec-pf-9

The Kel-Tec PF-9 is among many polymer-framed options on this list. What makes this double-action-only stand out from others is its integral mil-spec picatinny rail and complete lack of external safeties, making the PF9 a minimalist point-and-shoot pistol. Its hammer-fired action loads from a seven-round, single-stack magazine, which comes with a detachable base plate for your pinky finger to ride comfortably. The PF-9 is available in blued, parkerized or hard-chrome metal finish, with black, gray or olive drab frame colors options.

6.  Kimber Super Carry Prokimber-super-carry-pro

The Kimber Super Carry Pro is no plain-Jane pistol. Its Commander-sized bobtail frame, fish scale checkering and KimPro II finish make it an attractive, functional, big-bore carry gun. It comes from Kimber’s Custom Shop completely dehorned—or “melted” as Kimber calls it—to keep any sharp edges on its aluminum alloy frame and stainless steel slide from cutting your hands, clothes or holsters. Night sights and an ambidextrous safety selector, combined with a match-grade barrel and trigger will keep you on target with fast follow-up shots. With three sizes available in the Super Carry lineup, the mid-sized Pro model will likely fit anyone who enjoys carrying a 1911.

 7. Ruger LC9ruger-lc9

The hammer-fired, double-action-only Ruger LC9 is a favorite among folks who seek a no-frills, point-and-shoot pocket pistol. For those who usually prefer to carry a larger gun, the Ruger LC9 is a smaller alternative for those quick trips down to the convenience store when you want something that can still pack the punch of a 9mm. At less than 1 inch wide and weighing a mere 17.1 ounces with an empty seven-round magazine, it can be carried in virtually any method you choose.The LC9’s safety features include an external safety selector, magazine safety, loaded chamber indicator, as well as the long pull on its 7-pound trigger. Several accessories are available for the LC9, including an array of holsters and trigger guards with built-in lasers from Crimson TraceLasermax and Viridian.

8.SIG Sauer P938sig-p938


The 1911 meets subcompact 9mm in SIG Sauer’s P938. Night sights ride 4.2 inches apart atop the nitron-finished slide, while seven-round magazines feed its 3-inch barrel. The P938 weighs just 16 ounces, thanks to an aluminum alloy frame. Its non-captured recoil-spring guide rod cycles hotter +P defense loads smoother than most other subcompacts on the market. Its seven-round magazine comes with a detachable extended baseplate for those seeking a bigger purchase on the grip. It has no grip safety, though an ambidextrous safety selector has familiar operability to John Browning’s classic design. The SIG P938 will feel right at home as a primary concealed carry gun or backup duty weapon.

9. Smith & Wesson M&P Shieldsmithwessonmp9shield_001


In terms of mechanical design and operating features, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is a scaled-down version of the full-size line of M&P duty pistols. The main differences—other than scale—are the Shield’s slimmer magazines and its lack of replaceable backstraps.With a barrel length of 3.1 inches and a consistent 6.5-pound trigger pull, the Shield would serve well as a primary carry gun for civilians, or an effective option for a backup duty weapon. Take your pick between 9mm and .40 S&W—both of which load from staggered-stack magazines, though the .40 S&W holds one less round in the flush-fitting and extended magazine variations. Look to the Shield as one of the best all-around values in a carry gun.

10. Springfield XD-Sspringfield-xds

Perhaps the best overall-value pistol in the lineup, the Springfield XD-S comes packed with standard features that make it hard to see why anyone would want to walk out of a gun store without a Springfield box in hand. Suitable for nearly anyone who’s familiar with a striker-fired semi-auto, it has a grip safety, trigger safety and loaded chamber indicator to prevent accidental discharge.The fiber optic front sight post and crisp trigger make the XD-S feel more like a competition-tuned pistol than a carry gun. Its ambidextrous magazine release is inviting to right- and left-handed shooters. Interestingly enough, the XD-S is available in 9mm and .45 ACP—both of which have exactly the same external dimensions. The 9mm holds seven rounds in the flush-fit magazine and nine rounds in an extended version, while the .45 holds five and seven rounds, respectively. The magazines also fit standard 1911 mag pouches. Its integral Picatinny rail allows users to attach lights and lasers as necessary. The XD-S essentially sets the stage for what users should come to expect from an out-of-the-box concealed carry gun.


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