Take an additional 10% OFF All Liberty Safes until 2015

Old Saint Nick recently stopped by the Safe Department at H&H. When he asked all the good little boys and girls what they wanted for Christmas he heard one name over and over again.

Rick in Yukon wants a Liberty Fatboy Jr.

Liberty Fatboy Jr

Al and Trish in Elk City asked for a Liberty Lincoln 50.

Liberty Lincoln 50

Even little Billy in Shawnee said that the Colonial 30 was on his wish list this year.

Liberty Colonial 30


Well Santa did not want to be the  one to tell Rudolph and all the Elves that they would have to deliver all the safes to everyone, so he asked the Safe Delivery crew at H&H to help out. H&H Shooting Sports will be offering an additional 10% OFF all safes from Liberty Safes, America’s #1 Safe Manufacturer until 2015.  You can take your safe with you when you purchase or for an additional fee you can have your safe professionally delivered and installed into your home.