Target Weighing Sweeping Gun Ban

Target Weighing Sweeping Gun Ban

An online outlet claims that Target is apparently paying attention to gun control groups and seriously considering a sweeping ban on firearms except for law enforcement.

This broad ban may end up being a formal policy change that could even result in stores posted. The reasons are likely due to the fact that they were targeted by the gun control groups and then someone, likely a shoplifter based on the evidence released so far, left a gun behind in the toy aisle of a Target store in South Carolina.

Because of the combination of events, Target is getting a lot more media than other outlets ever received on this issue. I would strongly suggest that if you don’t want Target stores posted, call them at 1-800-440-0680 (menu choice 2 for “store experience”) and let them know that as a lawful gun owner, especially if you carry concealed, you would appreciate it if they didn’t ban guns because a criminal misused one. Feel free to fill their email box as well

I will say this to Target:

I will be seriously grumpy if I have to stop spending money with you because you tell me that the gun I lawfully carry concealed isn’t welcome. I would disclose how much I spend on bags and jewelry there, not to mention the very pretty peacock cards that I’ve been sending out like crazy lately, but then I’d probably have to answer to Sebastian on that issue. Just know that I’m definitely a contributor to your bottom line, as well as a lawful gun owner. Regardless, I will vote with my wallet if you tell me that I am not welcome in your stores just because I own and lawfully carry a firearm.

UPDATE: It looks like the local grassroots are also taking notice and asking people to call in/email their opposition to a sweeping anti-gun policy.

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