The Guns Of Breaking Bad

While most of the saga of Walter White is about his meth cooking adventures, we took notice of all the great firearms featured on the show. Take a look below.


Smith & Wesson 4506

Krazy 8 uses a S&W 4506 in the pilot episode. Not long after, Walt becomes its new owner before Jesse finally disposes of it in the following episode.

Smith & Wesson 4506 .45 ACP

Walter White breaks down with the 4506.

If there was a doubt of the gun, here is a closeup.

Walt with the 4506. We get a good view of the muzzle here


Used by a few characters throughout the series, most noticeably by the ‘Cousins’ in season three. The Cousins’ 1911s are nickel-plated.

Nickel Plated M1911A1 – .45 ACP.

The Cousins load up their M1911A1s.

Aaron Paul with an M1911A1 in a promotional photo.

Jericho 941

Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz) uses a Jericho 941 with a two-tone finish as his sidearm. In Episode 2×02, “Grilled”, Jesse takes it from him while they are fighting on the ground and uses it to wound him. It is later buried in the desert in the following episode.

Jericho 941 (two tone early model) – 9x19mm

Tuco, out of frame in the back seat, uses his Jericho 941 to coerce Jesse in Episode 2×01, “Seven Thirty-Seven” The hand is actually RJ Mitte’s hand filling in for Raymond Cruz.

In Episode 2×02, “Grilled”, Tuco points his Jericho at Walt.

Jesse and Walt take cover while Jesse holds the Jericho.

Glock 17

A Glock, possibly model 17, is carried by police officers in S05xE01, In S5E2 “Madrigal”, Chris (one of Mike’s former men) uses one with a supressor to kill Duane Chow.

Glock 17 – 9x19mm

BB S05E01 3.jpg

Chris tries to get the drop on Mike when he shows up at Chow’s.

Full size Glock is carried by one of Gus’s thugs

Glock 22

Hank Schrader shows off his issue Glock 22 during the party in the first episode. He actually refers to it as a Glock 22 and praises the power of the .40-caliber round over 9x19mm (claiming to have seen the latter cartridge ricochet off a car windshield). He uses the Glock 22 in his shootout with Tuco in the episode “Grilled” of season two. It can be seen occasionally throughout season two and three.

3rd-generation Glock 22 – .40 S&W

Hank Schrader showing off his Glock 22 during the Pilot episode.

Hank fires his Glock 22 in Episode 2×02, “Grilled” in a shootout with Tuco Salamanca.

A good close-up of the Glock 22 as Hank fires it at Tuco. The “22” stamp is faintly visible on the slide when the image is enlarged to full-size.

Hank holds the Glock while Tuco reloads his M4.

BB Hank 1.jpg

BB Hank 2.jpg

Ruger SP101

This is the revolver purchased by Jesse. He uses it to intimidate an unnamed female junkie and her husband, Spooge after they rip-off one of Jesse’s dealers.

Ruger SP101 – .357 Magnum

Jesse’s new protection in the first episode of season two, “Seven Thirty-Seven”.

Jesse shows Walt his new purchase, with a plan in mind: “It is him or us, man, do you understand? It is him or us!”

Walt briefly “borrows” Jesse’s gun. Quickly forgetting it at home when they need it most.

Jesse waits for Spooge and his wife to return home in the episode “Peekaboo”.

Walt unloads the revolver; note the five cartridges.

Jesse with the Ruger

Ruger KGP-161

Emilio’s gun. Taken out of the yellow bag by Walter in S01E02 and later dissolved in the tub.

Ruger KGP-161 – .357 Magnum

Ruger LCR

Walter White purchases a Ruger LCR from an illegal arms dealer (Played by Jim Beaver) along with a leather I.W.B. holster in S4E2 “Thirty-Eight Snub”. The arms dealer recommends he load it with 158 grain hollow points for good stopping power, and also recommends he not cross draw unless he is sitting down. Although the Ruger is seen quite a bit in season 4, Walt only successfully uses it once.

Ruger LCR standard with Hogue tamer grips.

Walter White aiming the Ruger LCR in S4E13 “Face Off”

Walt with the LCR as he talks with the arms dealer

Walt with the LCR as he talks with the arms dealer

Walt practicing killing Gus from a sitting position

LCR dropped on the floor


Smith & Wesson M945

A Smith & Wesson 945 is used by rival drug dealer and by Walt to shoot the dealer after running him over.