The New Monster Wake from Mathews Archery


Sparta, Wisconsin- On the heels of the ground-breaking release of the¨ NO CAM ST Technology, Mathews Archery, Inc. is excited to introduce the McPherson Series Monster Wake.

Built to deliver raw speed, the all-new Monster® Wake™ is a powerful dual-cam bow built with the patented Perimeter Weighted AVS® DYADTM eccentric system. Featuring incredibly tight tolerances, the all-new riser and limb configuration makes it a more stable shooting platform. With power to spare, the new Wake™ delivers speeds up to 355 fps at 75% let-off and 352 fps at 85%.

“For those looking for the highest quality and most innovative speed bow in the
world, the Wake certainly fits the bill,” stated Mathews CEO and Founder, Matt
McPherson. “At 352 fps, it is the fastest 85% let-off bow and is just a pleasure to


Brace Height 5″
Draw Weight 40, 50, 60, 70 & 80 lbs
Bow Weight 5.38 lbs
Let-off 75% & 85%
Draw Lengths 25-30″
Half Sizes 25.5 – 29.5″
Riser Length 32.28″
Cams Perimeter Weighted Dyad AVS
IBO Rating Up to 352 FPS at 85% Let-Off
Axle-to-Axle 35″
MSRP $1,699

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