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The Remington R51 “Pocket” 9mm Featured In September GUNS Magazine

The Remington R51 “Pocket” 9mm pistol highlights the cover of the September issue of GUNS Magazine, showcasing Remington’s modernization of the early Pedersen-designed Model 51. Contributing editor Holt Bodinson reviews this new pistol, while also sharing some of the illustrious history behind its predecessor.

“John D. Pedersen was one of the world’s most prolific and revered gun designers,” writes Bodinson. “Several features built into Pedersen’s design set the Remington Model 51 apart from its competition. Research engineer Adam Walker’s mission was to design the new R51 while maintaining the personality and shooting characteristics of the original Model 51.”

In “State Of The Art AR,” contributor Mike Cumpston takes a detailed look at the Daniel Defense MK12. The rifle is described as the “crown jewel” of the Squad-Designated marksman program, which was developed by the United States Army during the Iraqi Freedom campaign in 2004.

“The MK12 is designed to bridge the performance gap between the standard-issue M4 and dedicated long-range ‘sniper’ rifles,'” writes Cumpston. “Law enforcement agencies, SWAT Teams, SOCOM and International Special Operations Units use Daniel Defense products as standard equipment. It’s suitable for the most demanding intermediate and long-range situations and the reticle of the Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 4-14x50mm scope provides quick and dirty range estimation.”

In the “Handguns” column, contributing editor Massad Ayoob discusses how restrictions on hi-capacity magazines affect shooters with injuries, outlining potential dangers beyond legalities.

“What of the 1-armed shooter?” Ayoob asks. “Beyond the obvious amputee, you have the rest of us who has an arm in a sling from an ordinary accident, or takes a wound in an upper limb early in the fight. The 1-handed reload can be done, but it takes significantly longer.”

The September issue of GUNS Magazine also includes a feature on the Kimber Custom CDP II by John Taffin, a review of the Colt Cooper .308 Win from John Barsness and a historical overview of rifle calibers from World War II by Mike “Duke” Venturino.

The Gun of The Month Giveaway, valued at $1,225.95, features the Colt .380 Mustang XSP as well as Emerson’s Tactical Assault Knife, Mobius Vpacker gear bag from Vanquest and TK09 tactical flashlight from Fenix.

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