These Gun Control Ads Will Actually Be The Scariest Thing You See Today

The campaign suggests anyone who votes for pro-gun candidates this Election Day literally has blood on their hands.

There are a handful of school shootings over the years–Columbine, Newtown, Virginia Tech–that stand out as particularly tragic, for a variety of reasons. But 86 Americans arekilled by guns each day, and there were two school shooting (in Georgia and Washington) in October alone.

As part of an initiative to secure support for pro-gun control politicians in the upcoming election, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, and Wondros created two extremely disturbing PSAs that are being distributed via social media (you won’t find these on TV).

In one, a man at a diner reads about the 2012 Aurora, Colorado, shooting as blood appears on his hands, trickling down onto his newspaper. In the other, a group of what appears to be college-age kids get the news about the 2007 Virginia Tech campus shooting on their smartphones–they too have blood appear on their hands, dripping down onto their phone screens (that’s a bit of an anachronism since few people had smartphones in 2007, but not really the point). A haunting voice in the background says, “You did not buy the guns. You did not load the bullets. You did not empty the chamber. But you voted. You voted for politicians who refuse to support common sense gun control. Pledge to support only candidates who will fight to reduce gun violence. Gun control is in our hands.”

It’s hard to say whether these will be effective in convincing people who don’t already believe in strong gun control to change their minds; accusing people of tacitly contributing to something as horrific as gun violence could either shock them into action or just really piss them off. Check out the videos and decide for yourself.