Things to Consider When Buying a Safe

Have you entered your home and discovered that your important belongings are missing? Every home owners worst nightmare is a break in. Safes are among one of the biggest investments that a home owner can make. Safes aren’t just for your firearms, but for storing documents, holding external hard drives, and anything else that you may hold valuable.  When searching for the perfect safe it takes a bit of time to find out what you are looking in a safe. There many types of safe brands that are being sold through out stores. While there are a wide variety of sizes available from the smaller pistol safe and the biometric safes. Today we are going to talk about the large gun safes. The gauge of the steel, fire rating, and size are going to be the deciding factor as to what you want. 12 gauge steel is the average steel a safe will have. It’s not the strongest, but it is not the weakest. The fire rating that you choose will determine how long your items will be protected from the hot temperature. The best fire rating to get in a safe is 60 minutes. I wouldn’t go below 60 minutes because then your running the risk of your safe not lasting in a fire. If you live out in the country and you have a volunteer fire department, it might be best to get a higher fire rating. Size is going to be where you want to put your safe or in some cases where you can put your safe. Bigger is better, more than likely a smaller safe will get filled the first year of having it in your home. Out of sight out of mind. If a thief can’t see the safe in plain sight, then usually they won’t bother trying to find it. In some cases if a robber see’s a safe then they won’t bother trying to open it because they no it will be a waste of time. The average thief is usually in a home no longer than 10 minutes. Depending on what you want in a safe whether fire rating, size, or gauge of steel just make sure your first safe is your last.

You’ll need to get a dehumidifier to help with controlling the humidity inside of your safe. The dehumidifier will help suck up the moisture inside of your safe preventing rust and pitting to any steel on your belongings. There 2 types: silicone beads and rods. The silicone beads soak up the moisture which means you will have to dry out the pack. The dehumidifying rod puts out a heat in your safe preventing moisture from going into your safe. That allowing you not to have to check on the service of your rod unlike the silicone beads. A lot of safe owners have lights in there safes as well. The best lights to use are the LED plug-in lights, so that way you don’t have to change out the batteries. Lights and dehumidifiers are important features when keeping your firearms protected from rust prevention and being able to see that they’re secure.

If you have any questions about safes visit our safe department or give the safe department a call at (405)947-3888 ext. 142 and we will be more than happy to find the right safe for you.safesale

Liberty Safes at H&H Shooting Sports Complex
Liberty Safes at H&H Shooting Sports

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