Top Home Defense Firearms

When having a home invasion its best to equip yourself for home defense. Using a good reliable firearm is important to protect you and your loved ones. Having the ability to use a firearm and manipulate the firearm in a stressful situation is critical in order to be able to stop the threat in a life or death situation. Here are the top firearms that will be able to protect you and your family when it matters the most.

  • Glock 17/19- Having this high-capacity firearm that reliable. Having a large capacity could be important incase you don’t have time to grab that extra magazine. You can also get a 33 round magazine to have inserted in the pistol for a larger capacity. The Glock 17/19 has no external safeties, so there is no extra steps you have to take in order to get the gun into the fight. The striker fire design make the pistol easy to use under stress.glock17 Glock-19-Left-Side glock33rndmagazine1
  • Remington 870/ Mossberg 500- Using a 12 gauge shotgun is not uncommon for home defense. These two shotguns are the most popular in amongst shotguns. There are a lot of flexibilities that you have when using the shotgun in the home and many choices of ammo that you could use. #4 Buckshot will be the best load to use in a home defense situation because it has the least penetration. It’s not always best to have a wide-spread pattern just incase there is an innocent bi-standard near the intruder, so having a full choke is a good option to have. The controls of the shotgun are close to the trigger, so using your off shooting hand makes it easier to manipulate the shotguns controls.Mossberg 500 PEO_Mossberg_590A1 870Tac_81209_Right rem_5077_bb
  • Smith&Wesson M&P – Having the same similar functions as the Glock and easy to manipulate. This firearm has an ambidextrous magazine release for the left-handed user. The M&P has a beaver tail grip allowing for a higher grip purchase for better control. The pistol also has a high magazine capacity allowing for you to have more rounds for multiple threats. The picatinny rail allows you to add a laser or light accessory incase you need to use a light source at night to find your target.m&p










  • Remington 870/ Mossberg 500- Using a 12 gauge shotgun is best, but using a 20 gauge shotgun is better. Having the ability to still be an effective round with low recoil is what makes this shotgun perfect for home defense. With it having a low recoil the user doesn’t have to worry about being afraid to use this firearm if he/she has to use it. Being able to manipulate this firearm with the same controls as the 12 gauge makes the shotgun be just as effective. Also not having to worry about over penetration is the best advantage to you when only having to worry about the threat.

remington 870 20gmossberg 20gThese tools are a good reliable resource to help you when and if that time ever comes you need to defend what you have. Remember not only is it important to have a firearm, but also to know how to use this important tool. Teach your loved ones the safety requirements of the firearm and how to operate it. You may not be home when your wife is at home with the kids and she will have to defend of the threat when you’re not at home or vice versa. Go out to the range and use these tools or take up some training classes to have the skills to be able to defend what you love.