We misfired (erred)


To: Our WireShots Readers

             It has come to our attention that we have been using some content that was found on other wire feeds, blogs, etc. without giving proper credit and a link back to the host site for where the story came from.  We are deeply embarrassed by this and offer a full apology for these acts and to the writers.  Since July of 2011 we have been doing our best to bring industry news directly to you as a totally free service with no paid advertisers and when a relevant story come to our attention we rushed that posting and failed to do the right thing in giving credit where it is due.  Our philosophy is to help grow the shooting sports and there are a growing number of fellow believers that are doing some stellar media work and we will do our best to bring those stories to you after getting permission to do so.  Again we are sorry for this error and ask that you forgive us.

             We personally would like to send out a direct apology to:

KevinC at exurbanleage.com , Tom McHale at MyGunCulture and The Beretta Blog , and Caleb at RomeoTangoBravo.com

            Going forward I hope we can meet everyone’s expectations in all future WireShots news thank you.


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