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H&H Behind the Counter – Where are the Guns?

Here at H&H Shooting Sports we are committed to helping guests get the products they need. Our goal is to be Oklahoma’s Headquarters for Guns & Gear.  The current state of the firearms industry shows that guns and ammo are at an all time high in demand, while availability is at a low, has made it harder and harder to keep the large selection of firearms that we typically do. The nation’s firearm manufactures are producing as fast as they can , however it will also take a while before retailers, like H&H and so many others, are able to be back at “normal” inventory levels.  We are not saying that we have nothing to sell, rather saying that we are short on options.

What doesn’t help is that each step of the firearm purchasing process (on the retailer level) is made longer by the increase in demand.  Every store around the country is competing from the reduced stock from manufactures and distributers.  Gun manufacturers could not have predicted the dramatic increase in demand for their products this year, so they simply did not have enough in their production pipelines for every one to go around. Adding to the firearm manufactures production woes, some states have imposed stricter lockdowns that prevent gun companies from working their manufacturing crews at full capacity.

It’s not all doom and gloom though.  We still do have a reasonable selection to choose from and new and used guns of all type arrive daily.  We are hopeful that the new year brings in new guns! Here is to a brighter 2021!