Why FrogLube should be your 1st choice in lubricants

Lubricating your firearms is very important when it comes to keeping up with the maintenance of a firearm. Some lubrications will leave your firearm extremely oily.  Well, there’s been an amazing new lube that’s been out on the market for a while now and the team at WireShots has been using for a year. Froglube is a lubrication the works itself down into the pores of the metal of the firearm, so that way it’s longer lasting.  Froglube, is a green minty smelling substance that is USDA approved. It is a non-toxic biodegradable lubricant that isn’t harmful to our planet. Dedicated to help with lubrication and rust prevention.



The lubricant comes in two forms which is a paste or liquid form depending on what type of application you’re wanting to use. The paste is used for small portions allowing you too use a q-tip with it too get into the smaller areas. The liquid is used for heavy applications. When using either or use a small amount because even the smallest bit of it will go along ways. There is also a solvent to use to decrease the parts of the firearm. Using Froglubes degreaser solvent is a better application than other degreaser because it works down into the pores of the metal parts cleaning out the old lubrication.


To apply Froglube there are multiple steps that need to be taken, this could take up to 10 minutes to apply the product. First you want to decrease all of the metal parts of the firearm. If you do not use a degreaser on this application then the Froglube will not set right. Next you want to heat up the metal parts by using a hair dryer or any other heating object. After you heat the metal parts up just to where they’re bearable to touch you want to starts applying the Froglube onto the metal surfaces. It’s okay to get it on the polymer parts because it doesn’t break down the plastic. Once you are finished applying the Froglube let it set for 15 minutes. This is allowing the Froglube to seep into the metals pores. Then after 15 minutes has gone by, you want to remove the excess lubrication and assemble your firearm.


Next time when you go out to that range you will notice after firing one round that your firearm is well lubricated. This is because the heat from the expanded round heated up the metal pores thus allowing the pores to open up and the lube to start working. After shooting at the range you can wipe your metal parts, don’t worry because the lubrication are still in the pores. You’re going to want to apply the lube once every 3 times you shoot that lubricated firearm. If you want the best lubrication for your firearm you have to use the best.

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