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Stoeger Carry Tough STR Rebates

Now thru July 15, Stoeger Industries is offering a $50 rebate on all STR series pistols.  This makes the final sales price after rebate only $249.99 on select STR Series pistols! Visit us at H&H Shooting Sports and learn more about the Stoeger Carry Tough STR Rebates! Purchase a Stoeger STR-Series pistol between May 15, 2023 and July 15th, 2023 and receive a $50 rebate check via mail. Follow the online instructions to fi ll out your rebate form at: https://rapid-rebates.com/StogerSTR-seriespistoloffer. You will need the product UPC code and the original store receipt dated between 05/15/23 and 07/15/23 with your qualifying purchase circled to submit with your rebate claim.


These Stoeger Carry Tough STR Rebates make handguns in the STR-9 line even better buys.

The Stoeger STR-9 series includes eight base models, from the discreet carry STR-9SC sub-compact to the full-size STR-9S Combat pistol. All striker-fired models are built around a rugged polymer frame and nitride-hardened matte black finish slide. Quick-read 3-dot open sights are included on all STR-9s, and magazine capacities range from 10 to 20 rounds. Red dot fans can choose several models that come optic-ready from the factory. This striker-fired 9mm comes packed with features you’d expect in a pistol costing twice as much. Its integrated rail, internal safety, reversible magazine release, optimized slide serrations, three-dot sight system and enhanced ergonomics deliver consistent performance and comfort.

Stoeger STR-9SC

Dependable performance in a smaller size Stoeger developed this sub-compact version of the STR-9 with concealed carry in mind. It has all the power, reliability, performance and safety features that are standard in STR-9 line, and delivers them in a more compact version that is optimized for ever-day carry. Plus Get $50 back with the Stoeger Carry Tough STR Rebates!



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Outfitted with a 3-dot sight system featuring snag-resistant edges to ensure smooth draws and holstering.

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A tactile loaded-chamber indicator on the top of the receiver that automatically raises when a round is chambered.


Cable lock and key for safe storage.


STR-9 Optics Ready models have a machined area atop the rear slide ready to mount pistol optics of your choice. Four different mounting plates are included for easy mounting of various sight systems. (optic not included)


The Combat models enhanced magazine well is beveled to speed up reloading.