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Taking better pictures of your guns

Every one wants to show off what they’ve got!  But do you have what it takes?  If you don’t that’s perfectly fine as I will teach you the basics of getting a great photo!  Get your guns and camera ready because you’ll want to take pictures as soon as you are done reading!

Step 1:  Take a lot of pictures.

This step doesn’t have any actual composition tips, but is instead a standard photography tip.  By taking a lot of pics you get yourself something very important.  Options.  By giving yourself options you get more of a chance that you take a photo that you absolutely love.  So take lots of pictures.  Take them from every angle, every height, and move the gun around too.  Take pictures of it standing up, on its side and maybe even down the sights.  Even consider a safe picture of the bore.  Heck, even take the gun apart and snap some pics of the inside.  Either way you do it just make sure that you have every base covered with the gun you want to take.  This will also give you later options down the road because you never know when you might need a super specific picture of a sear or something.

Step 2:  You need better light.

What ever your current light set up is, it isn’t good enough.  Many new-comers to the world of photography just don’t know something very critical.  Their cameras don’t take in a lot of light.  You’re ceiling lights don’t produce enough light either.  So your best solution is to get extra lights.

Getting something as simple as a flashlight to shine extra light on your guns will get you a better lit picture.  Try using the light from the back of the gun.  This will make it pop off its background.  There are even some lights that can be gotten for below $25.  Also make sure that your camera can automatically adjust to the lights or you manually adjust your camera.  With better lights every one will be able to see the fine details on a gun for better or for worse.

See how easy it is to see all of the details?

Step 3:  Clear a space.

When ever or where ever you take your photos make sure to have some sort of clear space.  No viewer wants to see a whole bunch of junk in your background. They came to see the gun and that’s what should be in focus.

This place isn’t exactly what people want to see when you snap a pic.

So clear out yourself a small studio.  The best and cheapest option it to create a light box with large white poster board sheets.  This way you’ll have a nice clean background that will contrast with the darker colors that are usually found on guns.  And with the small studio you now have it’ll be easy to mount lights so your guns can be illuminated.

Step 4: Know what you’re taking a picture of.

No matter what you’re taking a picture of be sure you know what it is.  Because when ever you post the photos of your gun people will absolutely ask questions about it.  By being able to answer simple questions like, “What’s the make and model of it?” or “How does it shoot?”  Being able to answer simple questions will make your posts very engaging and will even make people want come back when you post something new.

Step 5: Experiment

Only you can pick out which kind of photos you like so make sure to try out a whole bunch photographic tricks and settings.  Consider taking your photo’s outside surrounded by nature.  You can even mess with the mount of light that’s on your subject or what color the light is.  Are you tired of a white background?  Consider taking a photo of a gun surrounded by it’s accessories like magazines and ammo.  And maybe you don’t need a clutter free environment.  Taking a picture on a work bench or surrounded by uniforms and medals gives a cool narrative to your guns that is hard to replicate.  For the most part you get to control what the end viewer sees so take a lot of photos in a lot of places.  You can even touch them up a bit with photo editing software.


This tips should give you a head start on your journey of photography.  Soon you’ll be taking master class photos with ease!  Just make sure when you’re taking photos or any gun make sure it’s checked for safety and that you also follow the gun safety rules.  Other than that you’re ready to go.  Have you already been taking pictures of guns for a while now?  Sound off in the comments with the pictures you’re most proud of!  Thanks for reading everybody!