Firearm Transfers in OKC

H&H Shooting Sports charges a $45.00 transfer fee per firearm. We do not accept transfers directly from an individual – they must be sent to us via another FFL dealer. 

If you need to have a firearm transferred in we are honored to help. We have tried to make this process a bit easier by taking all requests via email.

  1. The following information is required for you to submit. You will need the name, address, phone and email from both you and the dealer that will be sending out the unit to us. Send us this information to Please put FFL Transfer Request in the subject line.
  2. In this email please provide the specific information on the unit(s) and all other items shipped with it.
  3. Once we receive the information and verifying the dealer FFL (Federal Firearms License) is valid we will forward our FFL to them by email.
  4. We suggest you get a complete list of all items being sent and a tracking number that will allow you to follow up on the items.
  5. Once it gets to our receiving area it can take up to three normal business days* to process it into the books, etc. Once that is done we will call and or email you that it is ready to pick up. Please wait for the call to come and pick up your transfer. The senders tracking number will indicate when the transfer arrives at H&H, however, this is not an indication of when the transfer is ready to be picked up.

*Notes: The reason for up to three business days is that we often received hundreds of units in a single day and under ATF and insurance guidelines we have to follow a series of procedures. Sorry, but it is the world we live in. (Monday – Friday and excludes any holidays that may fall in that time)

Additional Note: When packages come in we make every effort to keep the original shipping box but one of the matters we are required to do is to verify model and serial numbers. So all boxes will be opened and procedures will be followed. Once the unit is verified and properly checked in we move it to a special and secure holding room until you arrive. Make sure you bring the proper id and be ready to fill out federally require paperwork.

We do not accept transfers directly from an individual – they must be sent to us via another FFL dealer.