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H&H Shooting Sports’ Gunsmith Services

H&H Shooting Sports provides fast and reliable gunsmith services in Oklahoma City, OK. Our certified gunsmiths use high-end equipment for repairs and modifications. We pride ourselves on offering fast, affordable, and reliable gunsmith services in Oklahoma City. We’re proud to be the state’s headquarters for guns and gear. When you walk into our store, you know that you’re in a trusted place where you can learn all about your firearms and ammunition. Our gunsmiths would love to help you with your gun today! Contact us to learn more!

What Is Gunsmithing?

Gunsmiths are experts in designing, building, modifying, refurbishing, and repairing all types of firearms. They are highly sought for their knowledge of gun design and mechanics. Many gunsmiths also engage in woodcarving, metal engraving, and other types of creative work. Gunsmiths have expert knowledge of many different types of hand tools, power tools, and machinist tools. They’re always required to stay updated on local and federal laws about firearms. It’s critical never to modify or repair your firearm without a professional. Our gunsmiths know the safe and effective ways to repair and modify guns. H&H Shooting has full-service gunsmiths on site who can assist you with repairs and regular maintenance. All of our gunsmiths are fully trained professionals. We offer same-day service on optic installations.

Current Gunsmith Shop average lead time: 8-12 Weeks

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Responsibilities of a Gunsmith

Our gunsmith team’s responsibility is to ensure your firearm is operating safely and according to specifications. We always observe safe gun-handling procedures. Our gunsmiths inspect all gun mechanisms for safety before proceeding to another project for the firearm. The most common reasons a gun is deemed unsafe even when properly handled include:

  • Missing Parts
  • Obstructions
  • Cracks and Dents
  • Incorrect Assembly
  • Timing Problems
  • Excessive Wear and Tear

Gun Cleaning

Professional gun cleaning is essential for the lifespan of the firearm. Remember a clean gun is a safe gun. At the very least, a clean gun improves reliability and accuracy on the range. The number one cause of malfunctions is debris. We particularly check for gunpowder residue. Gunpowder residue is a corrosive force, which impacts your gun’s action. Our team in the gunsmith shop takes care of the fine cleaning details to help ensure rust and buildup is safely eliminated. We check all parts, lubrication, and springs for any wear and wear. We will thoroughly clean, lubricate, and assemble any type of firearm.

Gun Repair

Gunsmiths are trained to perform factory-level repairs to restore firearms to new condition. Our gunsmith experts will diagnose your firearm problems and find the most effective and professional solution. We work on all types of handguns, rifles, shotguns, AR-type guns, and more. The most common gun repairs we perform include tuning revolvers, correcting cycling malfunctions, extractor/ejector repairs, straightening revolver cranes, and more. Our gunsmith inspects your firearm for missing parts, improper assembly, cracks, obstructions, worn sear edges, and other issues during repairs.

Gun Parts & Accessory Installation

H&H Shooting Sports has a wide variety of gun accessories. Our sales team will work with you to find the best accessories for your firearm. We can install aftermarket and custom pieces, including sights, swivels, stocks, scopes, recoil pads, and grips. We can always help improve your gun by making the functions run as smoothly as possible with accessory additions. We can enhance the inner parts to ensure loading does not mar the bullet or improve performance by crowning the barrel. We’ll professionally install it when you’re ready to add any type of accessory to your firearm.

Some of the most commonly asked questions our gunsmiths get are about pin installations. The average firearm has several pins, and there are often model-specific pins between similar models. While we understand many gun owners can install their own pins, it’s essential to let a gunsmith professionally install them. A firearm should always operate at its best and as safely as possible. Our gunsmiths ensure your parts & accessories are correctly installed.

Gun Customization & Assembly

We do it all, from customizing guns to threading your barrel for a suppressor. We can customize your firearm to match the one of your dreams. We’ll ensure your customized firearm is safe in the process of making it one-of-a-kind. Our gunsmiths have all the tools and skills to make many other custom gun modifications, that will help make your firearm stand out from the crowd.

Gun Rebarreling

It’s important to think of a gunsmith as an expert on guns, and rebarreling is not a job for amateurs. It’s best to let the barrel maker do the barrel contouring, and you need specialized tools and a precision-minded gunsmith to do the fitting and chambering.  This is where an experienced custom gunsmith comes in. If you’re interested in a customized Bolt Action Rifle or AR-15, we can help you. Our gunsmiths can rebarrel a variety of rifles from bolt actions, single shots to lever actions. We can help you make decisions about your gun every step of the way. Come speak with our gunsmiths for the best in rebarreling advice and services!


H&H’s Gunsmith Department is a full-service repair and customization center!

We have full-service gunsmiths on site who can assist you with repairs and regular maintenance.
All of our gunsmiths are fully trained professionals. We offer same-day service on optic installations.

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H&H Shooting Sports Gunsmith Rates

Signs That You Need to Take Your Gun to a Gunsmith

If your gun has a mechanical problem, the best thing you can do is seek professional assistance to set things right. Trying to fix things yourself usually results in even more damage!

  • Failure to Feed– Failure to feed simply means that the cartridge does not fully seat within a chamber.
  • Corrosion – Corrosion on the gun barrel can weaken it, affecting the overall performance. Corrosion often starts at the end of the barrel.
  • Damaged Barrel – The barrel is one of the most critical parts of the gun as it determines the bullet’s path. If your barrel is damaged, a slight imperfection can hurt your accuracy and risk lives.
  • Warping – Wooden stocks sometimes shift or warp, affecting the performance of your gun. We’ll examine and correct any type of shifting and warping of your wooden stock.

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H&H Shooting Sports is excited to share our gunsmith services with you. Our professional gunsmiths know how to service, repair and customize you firearm so that it will be the envy of your fellow shooters! We invite you to speak with us about additions to your gun, customizing your gun, repair any kind of firearm, cleaning your guns, and helping with any concerns you may have about your gun. We’re here for you! Visit us today and speak with our team members about what we can do for you!