Gun Safes for Sale in OKC


We are proud to offer the largest selection of “Made in America” Gun Safes in OKC and provide an excellent selection of the top Safe Manufacturers: Browning Pro Steel and Liberty Safes.

Our showroom floor has about 75 safes ranging from 5 cu ft to 50 cu ft on display!

Size availability is limited to safe series.

If we do not have the safe you need, we are more than happy to special order it for you.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of accessories for your safe. We carry a large selection of dehumidifiers, eva-drys, door panels, and many more.

Take a look at the best dehumidifiers to prevent moisture in your safe 

Delivery & Moves

Safe Delivery Truck and Trailer
Our Safe Delivery Crew uses a Dodge Ram 2500 with a JLG Triple L open-air trailer when out on delivery.

Worried about how to get your new safe home? We Deliver!

We are often asked, “Do you offer delivery to my area?”. If you live in Oklahoma, we do! There are few businesses that have the tools and even fewer that have the people with the expertise to move safes of the size and weight that H&H can. That keeps us busy going North and South, East and West making happy guests all over our great state! Our delivery goal at H&H is to move safes without risk to our guest’s home or to our delivery team. All safe installs and deliveries are done with in-house H&H team members; we do not outsource these services of the purchase to a third party delivery company unfamiliar with our product.

We offer 4 different types of deliveries. With every delivery, your safe will be protected with heavy blankets, moved with a smooth stair climbing dolly, secured properly with heavy-duty security straps, and treated as the very valuable item it is.

“Self Pick Up”

You take it home with you, of course, we will help you load it up!

“Drop Ship”

This is where we bring it to your home or office and leave it boxed, and on the pallet, we only take these into garages and you do the rest


We bring it in and put it where you want!

“In House”

In your home on a ground floor (A few steps is okay depending on the safe size)

We can bolt your safe down to your concrete foundation (We can also lag-bolt in wood, if you don’t have a concrete foundation) For a proper gun safe installation, the safe needs to be bolted down to the foundation. A 500lb safe bolted down is more secure than a 1500lb safe not bolted down. Why? Most safe burglaries are accomplished by laying the safe on its back and prying open the door. If the safe is anchored down it is nearly impossible to pry open the door when it is standing vertically.

Safe Delivery starts at just $100 and up (depending on size and location)

Live outside the Oklahoma metro area? We have got you covered! We deliver all over the place including Texas, and Kansas! (Out of Metro Fee will be applied)

Safe Moving is our Specialty

Need your safe moved? Let us help!

The delivery crew at H&H has years of Safe Moving and Installation experience. We have the equipment and expertise to move safes anywhere in Oklahoma, and even into the surrounding areas. Moving is a potentially dangerous and difficult task. We have the advantage of specialized safe moving equipment and experienced safe personnel. This advantage helps us keep our prices competitive and yet maintain an impeccable safety record.

Feel free to give us a call at (405) 947-3888 EXT 187 to get a quote on a safe move


Liberty Safe –  Attempted Break In – Warranty Claim Safe


We picked up this Liberty Washington Series safe for a customer after an attempted break in. While the owners were away some wannabe safe crackers tried to pry, cut and beat their way into it. After all their efforts the safe is not even close to coming open. Of course, since it’s a Liberty safe, it was fully covered under their Lifetime Theft and Fire warranty and we got to bring a brand new safe out to the owners. Not bad, huh?

We want to thank the would be thieves for this voluntary Stress and Torture test! Through your tireless determination we can see just how tough a Liberty safe can be. We salute you for your (unsuccessful) hard work!

Tornado Safes

After a tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma in 2013 a Franklin Series Safe manufactured by Liberty Safe was still standing. Click the link below to read the full story and to see photos. We have this safe on display in our safe department if you want to see it for yourself.


This Liberty Safe Survives Oklahoma Tornadoes

This Liberty Centurion Safe was removed from a home in Newcastle OK, on Monday, June 3rd. The homeowners purchased their safe from H&H had it delivered and bolted to the foundation of their home, when the tornado came and did severe damage to their house, their Liberty Centurion was unharmed.

Liberty Centurion Safe removed from tornado-damaged home

Ben’s American Security Safe Survived The May 20th 2013 EF5 Tornado! H&H delivered and bolted his safe to the foundation in his garage just a few months before the tornado came. It’s a great feeling to have a quality product that will hold up to an EF5 tornado.

Ben’s Safe Survived an EF5 Tornado