Class III Rentals in Oklahoma City

 All rentals require an H&H Range Team Member to accompany the shooter on the range. Call ahead to inquire about rental availability.

Firearms Range Rental Class III Devices

—For your convenience, please call prior to your visit if you wish to rent a specific Class III device; it might be out for repair.—

In addition to our wide selection of rental firearms, our rental collection features a number of Class III, or restricted, devices.
Each Class III firearm is available to rent for just $20, plus the cost of ammunition. Normal range lane rental fees still apply.  Rental gun ammunition must be purchased from the range and is sold by the box. Boxes of ammunition can contain varying amounts of rounds, from 20 to 100, depending on the caliber and manufacturer. All renters must be at least 21 years of age.


A Range Officer will accompany all Class III devices to and from the range and be with the guest at all times during a rental.
All guests will be required to obey and sign the range safety rules and waiver of liability.

Class III
Caliber Make and Model Type
.22LR Ruger 22-45 Suppressor
.45ACP Springfield Operator Suppressor
9x19mm SilencerCo Maxim Suppressor
.45ACP H&K UMP45 Machine Gun
.45ACP Thompson 1928 Machine Gun
5.56 M4/AR15 Machine Gun
5.7×28 FN P90 Machine Gun
7.62x39mm AK47 Machine Gun
9x19mm H&K MP5 Machine Gun
9x19mm H&KMP5k Machine Gun
9x19mm MP40 Machine Gun
9x19mm Stengun Machine Gun
9x19mm UZI Machine Gun