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Best Dehumidifiers to Prevent Moisture In Your Safe

Using a dehumidifier to protect your belongings in your safe from the humidity is the best way to ensure your property is well-kept. There are many types of dehumidifiers that are very helpful to provide the protection you need. When choosing the type of dehumidifier you need, it’s based on where your safe is located. If your safe is located in the garage it is recommended to use an electric rod because of the ongoing battle against humidity. If your safe is located in the house using a silicon gel pack will work perfectly fine, because the home is temperature controlled.

Electric dehumidifiers work really well when it comes to blocking moisture from entering your safe. The electric rods are constantly running, so you do not have to worry about checking on it every week. With the electric dehumidifiers you will need to have an electric outlet located inside of your safe for an ongoing source of power. When checking to see if your rod is still on put the back of your hand on the rod to see if it’s still a little warm. Here are three well-known dehumidifier that are the highly recommended rods.

Liberty’s rod comes in a 12″ rod or an 18″ rod. The rods are good for 100 cubic ft. Backed by Liberty Safe’s warranty these rods are protected for a lifetime.




Another highly recommended rod is the Moisture King flexible dehumidifier. It comes equipped with a red light indicator to notify the user that it is still working. The rod is flexible, so you can store it in the corner of your safe to ensure that it’s not in the way of your belongings. This will provide complete freedom to place the rod in any position in your safe.



The Peet dryer is the best of the best when it comes to having an electrical dehumidifier. The rod not only emits heat inside of your safe but also circulates the warm air inside of your safe.


The silicon gel are little gel beads that help soak up moisture rather than putting out heat blocking moisture. When the beads are blue they will soak up moisture until they turn pink or white. There are two different versions of the beads which are the canisters or the renewable charging humidifier. When the beads are full and have soaked up the moisture you will need to plug-in the renewable charging dehumidifier in an electrical outlet for 8 to 12 hours to ensure that it’s completely dry. If you have the canister version just throw out that old one and insert the new fresh desiccant.

The Eva Dry 500 has a window to see the beads inside of the case to be able to indicate if the dehumidifier needs to be dried out. The humidifier works for 10 years and is wireless.


The canister made by Eva Dry is the E-100 low-cost humidifier. It last up to 60 days and is good up to 100 cubic ft. The canister is 4-6 ounces and comes in a 2 pack.



No matter which one of these humidifier you choose its safe to say that your belonging will be safe from mold, moisture, and rust. Moisture is a harmful annoyance that will harm the items you cherish the most. Electric rods, self absorbing silicon gels are inexpensive and key ways for protection.