I need help!
Our 3 step guide can help with most problems (click here). To talk directly with one of our Form 4 specialists, please click on “Book Now” below and select “Help me with my eForm 4”.

Before booking your Certification appointment:
1. Get an ATF eForms account by clicking on REGISTER at eforms.atf.gov.
2. Your ATF eForms account MUST use the same email address and full legal name​ as your Silencer Shop “Registration Info”.
3. After you register at ATF eForms, they will email your Username/UserID.
4. Please have your ATF eForms Username/UserID and your 4 digit PIN at your appointment.

Booking a Certification appointment; “Call Me” vs “In Store”
If you select “Call Me”, an H&H associate will call you during your scheduled time.
For “Call Me” Certification, you must be on a computer or iPad – Certification will not work on a mobile phone screen.