I need help!
Our 3 step guide can help with most problems (click here). To talk directly with one of our Form 4 specialists, please schedule an “in-store” or “call me” appointment below and include in the note box that you are needing support.

Before booking your Certification appointment:
1. Get an ATF eForms account (if you don’t already have one) by clicking on REGISTER at eforms.atf.gov.
2. Your ATF eForms account MUST use the same email address and full legal name​ as your Silencer Shop “Registration Info”.
3. After you register at ATF eForms, they will email your Username/UserID to you.
4. Please have your ATF eForms Username/UserID and your 4 digit PIN at your appointment.

Booking a Certification appointment; “Call Me” vs “In Store”
If you select “Call Me”, an H&H associate will call you during your scheduled time.
For “Call Me” Certification, you must be on a computer or iPad – Certification will not work on a mobile phone screen.