Gunsmith in Oklahoma City

Our gunsmith services are fast, affordable, and reliable! Our certified gunsmith uses high-end equipment for repairs and modifications. We pride ourselves in offering the most superior gunsmith services in Oklahoma City. Come in and speak with our gunsmiths about how we can help you with your gun today!

Current Gunsmith Shop average lead time: 8-12 Weeks


H&H’s Gunsmith Department is a full-service repair and customization center!

We have full-service gunsmiths on site who can assist you with repairs and regular maintenance.
All of our gunsmiths are fully trained professionals. We offer same-day service on optic installations.


As you can imagine, our Gunsmith Team receives a large number of questions almost daily. We’ve listed the most popular here to save both you and them time. On behalf of our Gunsmith Team, thank you for reading.

Do you have a pin for [Firearm X]?

This is the most commonly asked question of our Team, which is answered with another question: “What kind of pin?” The average firearm has several pins and there are often model-specific pins between similar models. Also, the metal composing the gun and the size of the gun play a part in which pin might be necessary. Even after considering these additional factors, it is common for pins to vary between runs within specific models. Although every guest is capable of installing his or her own pins, we urge you to let our Gunsmith Team install it for you to insure that your firearm operates at its best and as safely as possible.

How can I improve the accuracy of my rifle?

Most manufacturers pride themselves on quality, and in doing so build very accurate firearms. However, there are several things that our Team can do to improve it, such as making the functions run smoother or improving the rougher inner parts so that loading does not mar the bullet. Crowning the barrel or installing muzzle brakes (such as the KDF brand) to help deal with recoil also improve performance in this area. We recommend that you speak directly with one of our Gunsmiths

I regularly clean my gun. Do I need a Gunsmith to clean it?

A yearly deep clean is the best method of maintaining the quality of life and value of your firearm. The number one cause of malfunctions is dirt. Our Gunsmith Team will tend to all the small details and make sure that problems of rusting and buildup are cleared away. Firearms are investments, every gun should have a yearly checkup and cleaning.