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10 Guns Every Hunter Should Shoot

Few hunters can agree on the perfect firearm. The ideal guns for hunting for you depend on the game you’re hunting and your personal preferences. Browse this list of the top 10 guns most hunters agree are excellent items to own and find out how you can find your next hunting rifle, handgun, or shotgun at H&H Shooting Sports. The best guns on the market don’t have to be expensive, so find one that fits your budget today.


There are a number of ways to compare guns and find the best hunting gun. Some hunters prefer to have specialized rifles and shotguns for their exact game. Others enjoy versatile guns for all types of game. If you’re looking for a self-defense option, a hunting handgun may be what you’re looking for. Browse this list to find a great option for gun collectors, first-time hunters, and gun enthusiasts alike.


1. L.C. Smith


A classic hammerless sidelock, the L.C. Smith is a stunning success for American-made firearms. It proved in the 19th and 20th centuries that Americans could design and manufacture a sidelock double-barreled shotgun to compete with leading British designs. This quality shotgun is for the avid hunter who loves history, classic shotguns, and beautiful firearms.


This iconic shotgun hasn’t been produced since 1971, so it’s quickly becoming a collector’s item. If you’re lucky enough to own an L.C. Smith, you’re bound to be the envy of your fellow hunters.


2. Hawken Rifle


Another favorite of classic collectors, a Hawken Rifle is a prized possession in any hunter’s firearm collection. When Jacob Hawken began building Rocky Mountain rifles, the thick stock, large caliber, and heavy designs were an instant hit. A slow-twisting design makes the rifling easily adaptable to a large power charge.


Accurate up to 150 yards, a true Hawken is a beautiful muzzleloader to add to your collection. It may be tough to find an authentic one since many muzzleloaders are now mass-produced and called a Hawken.


3. Browning Superposed


The first over/under shotgun sold commercially was the Browning Superposed. This historical beauty was thought up in 1923 by John Moses Browning. These dynamic shotguns come in 12, 20, and 29 gauge, as well as .410-bore models. There have been over 50 variations on the original Superposed design, and the handcrafted process makes them quite an investment. If you’re lucky enough to order one from a Browning authorized dealer, you’ll soon enjoy a hand-built over/under-delivered straight from Belgium.

4.Ruger 10/22


The Ruger 10/22 is a dynamic balance of affordable design and complex engineering. This affordable rifle is perfect for small-game hunting around the country. As a semi-automatic, it gives you the rate-of-fire necessary to keep up with fast game, while the .22 rounds are small enough to handle small game with precision and convenience. The original 10-shot rotary magazine was an engineering marvel in its time, which continues to make this .22 rifle lead the pack.


5. Winchester Model 94


One of the best rifles to own for hunters is the Winchester Model 94. This iconic deer-hunting rifle boasts a bore big enough to handle any mule or white-tailed deer in your line of sight. This repeating rifle often uses a .30-30 Win cartridge and is a great option for close-range hunting. There’s something special about taking a repeating rifle into the fields or woods to stalk or sit and wait for a deer to enter your range of fire.


6. Remington Model 870


There’s a reason more than nine million Remington Model 870 shotguns have been manufactured since 1950. This highly popular, prolific shotgun is a go-to choice for pump-action convenience. Hunters around the country rely on it for duck-hunting, turkey-hunting, and other game. Twin action bars give it a surprisingly smooth pump action, which is essential when taking multiple shots at fowl and other game.


Not only is the 870 a reliable shotgun, but it’s also surprisingly affordable. It makes an excellent first purchase for hunters just getting started. Compare various models to find one that fits your budget and your hunting style.


7. Smith & Wesson Model 29


You can’t go wrong with a Smith & Wesson. While many models could have made it on the list, the Model 29 stands out as a classic .44 handgun. Other Smith & Wesson handguns make excellent target shooting and self-defense options, but the Model 29 offers 240-grain power that can strike at 1,400 fps. This makes it a surprisingly lethal handgun for a wide range of game. Whether you carry it as a backup or your primary hunting firearm, you’ll love the reliable feel and power of this revolver.


8. Ruger No. 1


Combine a smooth trigger pull, excellent sight picture, and surprising breath control, and you have the Ruger No. 1. Many models exist, and collectively they make the ultimate line of single-shot rifles. A falling-block hammerless design is strong, simple, and reliable.


Compare the many different stock, receiver, and barrel options to adjust your No. 1 to your personal preferences. This option includes a beautiful American walnut stock and carbon steel barrel, weighing around seven pounds and packing a 450 marlin caliber.


9. Winchester Model 70


If you’re looking for the quintessential bolt-action rifle, the Winchester Model 70 should be your first pick. This dependable model was redesigned in 1964 to create a more cost-effective alternative. The true, pre-’64 model is a must-have for collectors, but any Model 70 is a great option for rifle hunting. Pick up this light-weight, highly reliable rifle for your next hunting trip or to complete your collection.


10. Remington Model 700


If you had to choose a single hunting rifle for the rest of your trips, the Remington Model 700 would be a popular option. A cylindrical receiver, iconic bedding system, consistent cartridge positioning, and high tolerances make it a powerful, accurate rifle for the everyday hunter. Pick up a Model 700 in virtually any caliber you need to hunt your next game with the right caliber.


This list is far from comprehensive. There are plenty of must-have hunting guns available from leading manufacturers, so it’s difficult to find the best hunting guns for all types of hunting. Once you find the perfect hunting rifle, stock up on ammunition, accessories, and hunting apparel to prepare for a successful hunt. Whether chasing squirrels around your property or traveling the country on a big-game hunt, the best guns for hunters can make the difference between a near miss and a successful search.


Shop at H&H Shooting Sports today to compare rifles, shotguns, and handguns from leading manufacturers. Find your favorite hunting firearm and pick up the ammo and accessories you need for a successful hunting trip. Whether going solo to stalk mule deer or taking your buddies on a group duck hunt, the right firearm by your side helps you reach your stand or blind comfortably and take aim reliably at your next target. Shop for your favorite today or browse our extensive catalog to find a new favorite for your next trip.