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Crimson Trace Defeats the Darkness

Crimson Trace's Lightguard is a small 100-Lumen white LED light that fits most handguns.Crimson Trace’s Lightguard is a small 100-Lumen white LED light that fits most handguns.

In case you have not noticed, the days are shorter and the nights are longer now as winter begins. For many Americans the onset of winter means it’s time to find the flashlight and test the batteries. Remember also that the dark world can be a dangerous place, so equip accordingly.
Among the options to light up the night are installing one of Crimson Trace’s many lighting solutions on your firearms. A leader in the firearms lighting category is Lightguard—small 100-Lumen white LED lights that fit onto the handgun’s trigger guard and are easily activated thanks to Crimson Trace’s patented Instinctive Activation. These bright lights stay illuminated for 2 hours—or longer—on a single battery.
Lightguards are available to fit many handguns: 1911s, numerous Glock full-size and compact models, Smith & Wesson’s M&P and Springfield Armory’s XD and XD(M) pistols. For complete information, visitwww.CTClightguard.com.
Crimson Trace offers nearly a dozen firearm-focused lighting solutions, including the compact Rail Master and the popular Modular Vertical Foregrip (MVF-515) that’s designed for attachment to most rail equipped long guns. The powerful MVF emits 200 lumens of LED white light to penetrate any darkness—and it has a laser sight.
Unlike flashlights (that can be left behind when you seriously need one), light sources attached to the firearm go where the firearm goes—period. Once activated, these lights help you see what’s ahead of the gun’s muzzle and aid you in assessing the threat when there is one. This also means you can keep both hands securely on the firearm—and have more control and be more accurate. Many shooters discover that holding a flashlight in one hand and a handgun in the other when shooting is difficult because of recoil.
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