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Dick’s Sporting Goods Now Preforming Background Checks for Ammo

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 It wasn’t that long ago when Dick’s Sporting Goods pulled all black semi-automatic rifles from their shelves. They felt that in light of the Sandy Hook tragedy, these guns possibly should not be sold. This of course caused massive complaints against Dick’s, by law-abiding gun owners protesting their lunacy.

Dick’s has now returned for round two! A member of Gun Rights Across America we’ll call “John” went shopping for .308 cartridges at the Dick’s in Niles, IL. When he went to checkout, he was bombarded with a list of questions after presenting his current Illinois FOID Card (Firearms Owners Identification Card – Required to purchase guns and/or ammunition under IL State Law). These questions are not required to purchase ammunition, only a current FOID Card is necessary, so John declined to answer and asked for a manager. Manager James Lopez told John that this was Dick’s policy, and he had to answer. John asked to see the policy, and James Lopez stated that he didn’t have it. John then left the store without submitting to Dick’s additional questions or purchasing their ammunition.
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I personally contacted Dick’s in Niles, IL after speaking with “John,” and spoke with the manager on duty. James Lopez was unavailable for comment. The manager confirmed that this is Dick’s corporate policy, and acknowledged that this is not required under IL law.
The list of questions changes depending on the type of ammunition being purchased as well. The questions are as follows:

1) Are you a U.S. Citizen?

2) What is your D.O.B.?
3) What is your FOID Card number?
4) Must scan card

This has allegedly been their policy since shortly after the Sandy Hook tragedy, and the store manager directed me to contact corporate for more details when I asked why.

This is nothing short of an invasion of privacy and discrimination against law-abiding Illinois gun owners! The contact information for Dick’s corporate offices is below.

345 Court St.
Coraopolis PA 15108
(724) 273-3400

If Dick’s isn’t comfortable selling ammunition in compliance with state law, and constantly feels the need to write their own codes violating gun owners privacy, perhaps they shouldn’t be selling it in the first place. Please call Dick’s and demand that they change this ridiculous policy, or stop selling guns and ammo. altogether until they can understand state law without compromising gun owners privacy.