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Emily Miller to Speak at H&H on Friday Dec 20th 12pm

Award-Winning investigative reporter Emily Miller will be speaking at H&H Shooting Sports on Friday Dec. 20th at 12pm. Miller will be speaking to the High Noon Club about her book Emily Gets Her Gun…But Obama Wants to Take Yours” . This event is free to attend, and open to the public. Miller will speak to the group and then participate in a open Q&A session followed by an autograph signing.




Award-Winning investigative reporter Emily Miller exposes the gun control lobby’s radical anti-gun agenda. Book also features photos of hundreds of real-life gun owners.

“The greatest assault on our Second Amendment rights in history is being waged today,” says Emily Miller. “The anti-gun lobby has launched a vicious and breathtaking campaign of lies, distortion, misrepresentation, and emotional manipulation to dismantle the Second Amendment and then disarm Americans, all with the full backing of the presidential bully pulpit.”
In Emily Gets Her Gun…But Obama Wants to Take Yours (Regnery Publishing; Hardcover; September 3, 2013; $27.95), Miller illustrates how radical gun control activists have manipulated tragedy to advance their own agenda. The book not only recounts Miller’s own story of what it took to get a legal gun in DC, it is also an eye-opening account of how our Second Amendment rights are being revoked all over the country and warns Americans what will happen if Congress enacts President Obama’s gun control agenda. The narrative—sometimes shocking, other times hilarious in its absurdity—gives the reader a real-life understanding of how gun control laws only make it more difficult for honest, law-abiding people to get guns.
Using facts and newly uncovered research, Emily Gets Her Gun exposes the shameless tactics the anti-gun politicians on Capitol Hill, in the White House, and in every state legislature across the country are using to deny people their Second Amendment rights.  From Connecticut to Colorado, Miller shows how gun control advocates are succeeding at advancing their agenda from implementing piecemeal legislation to inventing fear inducing gun terms.
In Emily Gets Her Gun you will learn:

  • About a leaked Justice Department memo that proves the Obama administration has a secret agenda against gun ownership far more radical than any other president


  • How billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is willing to spend and do anything—true or false—in his fight to disarm Americans, including running his coalition “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” out of the mayor’s office


  • How liberal politicians and the media are spreading myths to advance the anti-gun lobby, including exploiting the “gun show loophole” and “universal background checks”


  • How anti-gun activists have invented a new vocabulary—“assault weapon,” “high-capacity magazine,” “cop-killer bullets”—to chip away at our Second Amendment rights


  • How gun control advocates use tragedy, such as the Newtown, CT shooting, as a way to advance their agenda, and how successful they have been in ramming through new anti-gun laws


  • How America’s war heroes are being prosecuted for merely possessing firearms or ammunition stateside, including the story of Sergeant Matt Corrigan, who was arrested in his home in the middle of the night and thrown in jail for two weeks for having an unregistered gun


  • How the D.C. police are targeting tourists caught with empty brass casings—a crime that can land you in jail


  • Why Americans must fight for their Second Amendment rights now before the radical anti-gun laws enacted in D.C. become the law of the land and gun confiscation becomes a reality

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