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End of September Safe Sale at H&H Sept 27 – 30

So I was down at H&H Shooting Sports the other day in the Safe Department checking out the Liberty Safes. And I have just found out that H&H is going to have a 10% OFF sale on their safes.


These Liberty Safes are the best built safes on the planet. These made in the USA safes bring great peace of mind knowing that your guns, jewelry, important paperwork and other valuables are locked up and secure in your home. The friendly and professional staff at H&H can even deliver your safe inside your home.


During their September Safe Sale, Sept 27th – 30th, you can save 10% on all gun safes at H&H. With financing offered at 0% for 12 months it has never been easier to get a new safe.


Visit Liberty Safes online at libertysafesokc.com or see the complete line of Gun & Home Safes at H&H Shooting Sports, just off I-40 & Meridian in OKC.