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Flashbang Holsters strikes again with the Ava Holster

Woman standing with a Flashbang poster

I love Lisa Looper, she’s a cool lady, she makes cool holsters. The Flashbang revolutionized concealed carry for women, and I am unafraid to contribute some of the growth of women who do carry to that product in particular. Just prior to the big relocation of Gun Nuts to our new home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a big box arrived from Looper Law Enforcement that has revolutionized myconcealed carry.
Plus it's purple, if you like purple, if you don't then don't look at that part.
Plus it’s purple, if you like purple, if you don’t then don’t look at that part.
First off, Looper Law Enforcement is making women’s carry belts now. I have to put that out there because I was using a generic Comp-Tac belt, and, well, it was like wearing a man’s belt, because it was wearing a man’s belt. Not to say the Comp-Tac belt was bad, it served me well for several years and had I not come across Lisa’s belts I might have never known the difference, but it was worn and straight up not fashionable. Lisa’s belts are thinner but still sturdy, they are suede-lined, comfortable and even have fashionable buckles, it is everything I would ask for in a belt.In the box were several different holsters, and while they are all excellent holsters there’s one I keep going back to: the Ava. The Ava is a large IWB holster with metal clips that work with or without one of her amazing belts. It’s suede-lined, just like the belts, and comfortable for all day wear. Here’s the best part: I can conceal my Shield under just about any shirt with this holster. The gun rides at around 11 o’clock, near the middle of my back, and it just stays there. Did I mention I carry the Shield with an extended magazine?
I wear this belt almost every day. Including today.
I wear this belt almost every day. Including today.
Eventually I’ll get reviews up of the other holsters in the box, but I had to put this up because I’m wearing this holster right now and I love it that much. In fact, when I packed to move, I brought two holsters: my competition holster (the bedazzled one) and the Ava. That’s it.

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