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Gun Sales Surge In Oklahoma


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The people have spoken, now gun stores are seeing a surge in sales. Oklahomans are fired up about President Obama’s stance on gun control.

H&H Shooting Sports in Oklahoma City told News 9 in the week since the election, sales have tripled. Oklahomans have paid attention to the president’s stance on guns, and say they view it as a threat.

Tim and Pat Warren own about 40 guns. The self-described “country couple” are worried the president will put pause their right to bear arms.

“He is our president. It doesn’t matter what color his skin is or anything about it. There is our views and being a country girl from northwest Oklahoma, I just really can’t handle,” Pat Warren said.

It may be okay for the Warrens to openly carry in Oklahoma, but they are concerned about a federal push to get guns off of streets.

“I also agree that a majority of gun owners believe that an AK-47 belongs in the hands of soldiers, not criminals,” said President Obama.

“I feel everyone should get their concealed carry license whether they want to carry or not, they should have it.” Tim Warren said.

“We knew as we got closer to the election, the chances are…that we’d see another pop just out of concern if nothing else,” said Miles Hall of H&H Shooting Sports. “That’s certainly what happened in 2008 and that’s definitely what showed up.”

Sales at H&H are up by some 105 percent compared to this time last year. The owner says stores across the state are reporting similar increases.

President Obama campaigned in 2008 on reinstating a federal ban on assault weapons, but has not pursued it so far in his presidency.


By Havonnah Johnson, News 9