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Gunsmith FAQs

Gunsmith Shop

As you might guess the Gunsmith Department receives a lot of questions almost daily. The most popular of those are listed here. On behalf of the Gunsmith Department– Thank You.

Do you have a pin?
This is the #1 question asked of the Department. The problem is “What kind of pin?” An average firearm has several pins and each model will have different pins from other models. Then you have to take into account the metal of the gun. The size of the gun also comes into play. And even with all these areas it is common for the size of the pin to very on a particular run within a specific model.
Although all of the customers are capable of installing pins, it is the recommendation of the department to let the Gunsmith do it for you to make sure your firearm safely works to it’s best.

How can I improve the accuracy of my Rifle?
Most all quality manufactures build very accurate firearms, however there are several things that a Gunsmith can do to improve it, such as making the functions run smoother or improving the rougher inner parts so loading does not mar the bullet. You can also crown the barrel or install a muzzle break like the KDF brand to help in recoil. The best thing on this matter is to come by and talk directly to the Gunsmith and together you will find the best path to take.

Besides the regular gun cleaning I do, should I have my gun cleaned by the Gunsmith?
Yes, a yearly deep clean is the best method of maintaining the quality life and value of your firearm. The number one cause of malfunctions is dirt. The Gunsmith department will tend to all the small details and make sure that problems of rusting and buildup are cleared away. Every firearm should have a yearly checkup and cleaning.


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