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Hornady’s First-Ever Rifle Featured at SHOT Show 2015

First-Ever Hornady Rifle is 2015 SHOT Show Auction Gun

Grand Island, Nebraska–The first and only firearm ever manufactured by the Hornady Manufacturing Company will be featured as the 2015 SHOT Show rifle and made available to Hornady fans around the world on www.GunBroker.com.

Recognized for decades as one of the most respected and innovative names in ammunition and reloading equipment manufacturing, Hornady has placed its name on a firearm for the first and perhaps only time in the company’s history.

“We don’t mean to alarm our friends at Remington, Winchester or Ruger. Hornady has no plans of going into the gun business,” commented Hornady President, Steve Hornady in announcing the gun. “The concept of creating a one-of-a-kind Hornady rifle has been percolating for several years and we are excited to make “The Hornady Number One” a reality for 2015– especially since the gun has been selected as the 2015 SHOT Show Rifle.”

Hornady has teamed with the Hunting Heritage Trust and some of the most innovative and respected names in the shooting sports industry to create “The Hornady Number One”. The rifle is a hunting-style bolt action in .300 RCM caliber with serial number H-001.

Bill Wiseman & Company, Inc. of College Station, Texas crafted the precision barrel and action of this special rifle. “It’s a genuine honor and it’s also been fun to be a part of this historic project,” commented Wiseman founder, Bill Wiseman. “Our Wiseman barrels have earned a bit of a reputation for accuracy. Now I guess there will be at least one other rifle out there as accurate as our Texas Safari rifles.” Three test-firings of “The Hornady Number One” using 180-grain SST, 165-grain GMX and 150-grain SST Hornady cartridges produced groups between ¼” and ½” at 100 meters.

The gun will be equipped with two separate custom-fit stocks, one for shooting and one for display. A select American Walnut stock was selected, fitted and appropriately checkered by Clem Boyd of Lucid Solutions for those occasions when the gun will be on display.

“When we were contacted about the possibility of creating a presentation-grade walnut stock for this first-ever Hornady rifle, it took us about three seconds to say ‘yes’,” reported Boyd. “We have great respect for the Hornady name. Lucid assembled a seasoned, five-person team for the project. Their job was to design a functional walnut wooden stock that would frame the symmetry of the Wiseman barreled-action. Several weeks of design went into a Solidworks 3-D cad model before the group made any CNC machine cuts. The stock was produced from a XXX walnut blank grown in the Great American Heartland and selected for the vertical-line color pattern. The stock shape incorporates the natural hex design of the receiver. Linear lines from the Monte Carlo cheek-piece to the stock tip flow uniformly and thru the curvature of the free floated barrel.

The Hornady name was inlayed into the stock using African padauk wood wafers. The Padauk wafers were also used as grip cap and butt pad spacers. The padauk reddish/orange color pays tribute to the well-known Hornady color scheme.

For those occasions when the high bidder might elect to use his Hornady in the field or on the range, the rifle will have a second, custom-fit Hogue camo stock from Hogue, Inc. of Paso Robles, California.

When the high-bidder does take his Hornady to the field or firing range, he will be able to rely on the legendary accuracy and reliability of Leupold optics. After reviewing options, the team at Leupold suggested a top-end VX-6 in 2.5x 12, 42mm with classic Duplex reticle. The Leupold is mounted using Talley rings and integral base.

It was only fitting that the job of completing the project with appropriate engraving was entrusted to David Baron and Baron Engraving of Trumbull, Connecticut. No company has engraved more SHOT Show firearms than Baron Technology. “We’ve had the privilege of designing and engraving more than a dozen SHOT Show rifles, shotguns, handguns and knives but it’s a unique privilege to be asked to help craft “The Hornady Number One,” said David Baron, Baron President.

To complement the Hornady package, the gun will be delivered with a case of Hornady .300 RCM cartridges with each box in the case signed by Hornady President, Steve Hornady. In addition, the high bidder will receive a signed Letter of Authenticity from Hornady.

The rifle will be displayed at the SHOT Show and ultimately in the home or office of the high bidder in a custom glass and walnut display case by Scout Products of Webb City, Missouri. At the SHOT Show, the gun will be displayed at the GunBroker.com booth, # 15147. The gun may be viewed at GunBroker.com at http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=458970823

In keeping with SHOT Show auction tradition, this Hornady SHOT Show rifle will be auctioned exclusively at GunBroker.com. The online auction will conclude at 5:00 pm Eastern Time on Friday, January 23, 2015, the final day of the 2015 SHOT Show.

“The Hornady Number One” needs only auction for more than $136,014.00 to break the all-time SHOT Show Rifle Auction record set in 2013.

The SHOT Show auction is administered by the Hunting Heritage Trust for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF ). All proceeds from the auction will benefit programs to further America’s hunting and shooting sports heritage.

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