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How to Build Your Own Rifle – Yes, It’s Legal

Photo by AMagill via Flickr
Survivalists and outdoorsmen need a rifle that is as versatile as possible in a heated situation. Many are choosing to build their own rifle—not only does the shooter know exactly what he has in his hands, it also gives him the reassurance that it can do what he designed it to do. Versatility is key.


One of the biggest questions most people have about building their own rifle or shotgun is if it is legal or not. A non-licensed gun owner can build a sporting rifle if he is not prohibited from owning a firearm. While the ATF doesn’t like that people are choosing to make their own firearms, they can only intervene if they have reason to believe the person is not allowed by law to have a weapon in his possession.

Required Parts

Standard gun kits are available through places such as Valhalla Armory and other gun supply outlets. Kits normally contain everything need to build a rifle (gun, stock, trigger mechanism, etc). The only thing they don’t include is the instructions.
A seasoned gun owner who has had his fair share of weapons will already know how to completely disassemble the weapon, clean it and reassemble it in short order. If you are building your weapon from scratch, you will need to find parts that fit together well and are made with excellent craftsmanship. Seals, like Apple Rubber o-rings, must be of the highest quality to ensure a clean shot with every pull of the trigger.
Many choose to go with interchangeable stocks, long and short barrels and finely crafted mechanisms that increase versatility. A weapon with interchangeable parts can be used in several ways and converted from one basic gun to another a matter of just a few minutes.

Where to Look for Guidance

Gun supply stores and websites such as Brownells.com and SHTFBlog.com offer sound advice if you are trying to build one from scratch or from a kit. Companies who sell the rifle kits don’t include the instructions due to strict regulations on how weapons are to be sold. Professionals in the firearms industry can explain the best type of stocks and barrels to use for different purposes.
If you end up having to manufacture specific parts of your rifle, receivers can be made using small 3D printing machines or a small milling machine can be used to make one out of metal. The 3D machine makes the object out of thin layers of plastic, while a milling machine hones and drills to create a metal receiver you can use to fit whatever type of gun you choose to create.

Photo of 3D Printer by Creative Tools Via Flickr

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