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HPR Ammunition

Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts

Payson, Arizona

Who are we?

High Precision Range (HPR) is manufactured in Payson, Arizona USA.  Our ammunition factory uses the latest equipment and technology to meet SAAMI Specs.  All production is carefully and directly handled by highly trained ammunition technicians and quality control inspectors lead by our Engineering staff.   We have spent the necessary time and capital to design and construct a manufacturing plant which includes a state of the art test lab as per SAAMI specifications which includes some of the finest testing equipment such as Oehler Research and PCB Piezotronics.

HPR strives to include ALL American components in our cartridges; something we believe isn’t being done by many other US companies on a commercial scale.  With the latest equipment, hand inspection, hand packaging and attention to detail, we aim to give shooters the confidence of safety and consistent accuracy between shots.  We believe HPR is poised to be one of the finest commercial production ammunition brands on the market.

What other calibers will we be producing?

We plan to expand our products into a full line of centerfire handgun and major rifle calibers.  Projectiles will range from TMJ’s, FMJ’s, self defensive Hollow Points and Match Grade.  We are currently testing new products to bring to the commercial market in which the FBI has shown interest.

We will be producing cartridges using new brass and are rapidly expanding our caliber lineup.  The next product to be released will be 10mm.

Team HPR:

Our new Pro shooting team is underway.  This IPSC team will be comprised of more than 100 professionals around the nation, with a core group of elite HPR shooters.  These professionals are literally some of the most discerning shooters, and they are proud to not only shoot HPR, but will be representing HPR in tournaments around the world. HPR has on board an IPSC WORLD Champion and USPSA National Champion – Matt McLearn.

Why USA, Why Arizona?

Other countries may be able to produce products cheaper at the expense of quality and the outsourcing of good American jobs.  We are of the mindset that American quality and American jobs are much more important and we are dedicated to helping restore the America that our founding fathers fought for.

The company looked long and hard in selecting the location of our ammunition manufacturing facility.  After all was said and done, the town management of Payson, Arizona brought us in and we are now pleased to call this lovely Arizona Rim Country our home.  We are the first manufacturing facility to locate in Payson in more than a decade and we hope to quickly grow and become the pride of the community.  This is a true Win/Win for American Jobs and High Quality.

Manufacturing helped bring America out of the Great Depression; we hope that you will recognize our commitment to American jobs helping to prosper our economy once again.