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Industry News from Miles Hall

Dear H&H Guests:
No doubt you are hearing rumblings about the shooting sports industry as far as new regulations are concerned. An influx of buying is going on at stores around the country.  I want to help shed some light on what is actually happening now.  The national election has obviously affected and emboldened some within the anti-gun ranks.  We received word Monday morning that California Senator Diane Feinstein’s staffers have held meetings with ATF officials to talk about another so-called “Assault Weapon Ban.”  Those meetings really happened -yes, plural, meetings. Despite one senior ATF official saying they were “going to play everything down the middle” the Feinstein staffers have made it clear they have more of the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban” legislation written and ready to roll.  These types of matters will take time to accomplish, but I want you to know it is factual.  Next, the United Nations called a special vote in order to prioritize the small arms treaty that had been initially opposed and made a non-issue by the previous Republican administration. The Obama administration seemed to be taking a hands-off approach only a few months ago and we took somewhat of a sigh of relief on that news. However, the vote on reopening the talks passed yesterday, with the United States voting in favor of moving forward.  Again these matters will take time to develop before we can see what the actual direction will be.  Even though we do have several pro-gun leaders in both parties, the road ahead will be challenging. Stories of ammo shortages or gun shortages are not true but that potentially could change as this buying phenomenon continues.  I will do my best to keep you informed and thank you for taking the time to be a part of the shooting sports.

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