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Love is in the Air (and on the Range) This Valentine’s Day!

Trust us… she wants guns, not roses this Valentine’s Day!

Ready to ditch the predictable candlelit dinner and spice things up with your sweetheart? This February 14th-16th, we’re offering a Sweetheart Special that’s guaranteed to leave your hearts racing (and your targets riddled with bullet holes)!

Here’s the deal:

  • Two shooters, one lane, one unforgettable Valentine’s Day: Share the thrill of the range with your special someone, taking turns firing at your own large paper targets.
  • One firearm rental: Choose your weapon of choice from our selection, and let the friendly competition begin! (Don’t worry, safety is our top priority, and we’ll provide all the instruction and guidance you need.)
  • Two large paper targets: Plenty of space to let your love (or competitive spirit) fly!
  • All for just $25 with ammo purchase: This budget-friendly date night is sure to be a bullseye!

Why choose the Sweetheart Special?

  • Unique and unforgettable: Ditch the roses and chocolates for an experience you’ll both be talking about for years to come.
  • Bonding through competition: Friendly competition is a great way to break the ice and learn something new about your partner.
  • Something for everyone: Whether you’re seasoned shooters or complete newbies, this experience is tailored for all skill levels.
  • Affordable fun: Treat yourselves to a memorable date without breaking the bank.

Ready to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable?

Visit us February 14th-16th and ask for the Sweetheart Special! We can’t wait to help you create a love story that’s anything but ordinary.

Bonus Tip: Add on some extra romance by writing sweet notes on your targets before firing!

Don’t forget to share your experience on social media with #SweetheartSpecial!

We can’t wait to see you on the range!

P.S. This offer is valid for two people only. So grab your sweetheart and get ready for a Valentine’s Day you won’t forget!