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New H&H Safe Department Progress Pics

The H&H Safe Department recently expanded once again, and has migrated to a new area that is 3x larger than the previous  area. Check out the progress pictures below to see the steps involved in expanding the H&H Safe Department.
IMG_3862Here is a snap shot of the beginning of the construction process of the new safe department.
IMG_3897Finalizing the base layer of paint for the department walls.
IMG_3899The racing stripes that circle our whole complex going up in the New Safe Department
DSC_0898The New Safe Department. located next to our newest shooting bay, bay 6, is over 3x as big as the previous Safe Sales area.
DSC_0902This new area is a blank slate ready to be moved into.
DSC_0903The first safes make their way over into the new area. This new Safe Department will carry safes from brands like Liberty Safe, Superior Safe, Heritage, Browning, Winchester, Stack-On, and many more!
DSC_0906Our new safe department is one of the largest safe show floors in the state of Oklahoma.
DSC_0899Fully moved in and ready for our guests to use.
DSC_0905The previous Safe Department, will soon be home to an expanded Knife and Accessories department.