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Oklahoma Handgun Permit Applications Increasing

This year, 2013, the amount of people applying for handgun licenses in Oklahoma is on pace to increase by 60 percent over 2012.  According to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI).
The permit allows an Oklahoma resident to legally carry their firearm openly in public.  The former law only allowed for concealed carry (you may have your firearm with you, but it may not bee seen).
Jessica Brown, spokeswoman for the OSBI, “We don’t know why it went up so much.”  This trend is not alone to Oklahoma, other states are seeing similar trends.
Permit Application Submissions In Oklahoma
Handgun Permit Application Submissions In Oklahoma
Miles Hall, Founder of H & H Shooting Sports, has seen this trend for himself and the demographic of people submitting applications is across the board.  His sports complex, here in Oklahoma City, is one of the largest in the Midwest where people may submit applications, receive professional safety training and advanced classes.
Betsy Randolph, spokeswoman for Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, thinks the increased violence in the past few years and press coverage of increasing gun control have led to people purchasing firearms and attaining concealed-carry permits.
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