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People LOVE Us on Yelp! Cheri Y’s funny visit to H&H

Read Cheri Y.‘s review of H&H Shooting Sports on Yelp

People LOVE Us on Yelp!

Yelp user Cheri Y’s visit to H&H certainly was a memorable one! We found her report on her visit on Yelp to be very fun and entertaining.

Cheri Y’s visit from 11/8/13

Want a BIG adventure? Perhaps get a date?? I cruised in here looking for a pistol & a big dead stuffed thing to go above my fireplace and found so much more!

The first thing I noticed was this chick passing by me in quite a hurry with her BIG pink Coach bag, and pink Bow & arrows…well,  that wasn’t really what I noticed first…the first thing I noticed was her tight pink shirt and what appeared to be Kim Kardashian’s butt strapped to her chest! Yep, her Bazookas were that BIG!
I watched in amazement as she went over to the indoor Bow & arrow range and started to shoot arrows at a target. She couldn’t hit anything with those BiG bazookas in the way. Yea, ummm…pow pow! Don’t hurt yourself missy.
Also, there were all these super HOT TOP GUN men in uniform walking around looking at BIG guns.  I stopped one and said, “hi, I was wondering if you could help me? My friend Bonnie E. (aka code name pussywillow) & myself are undercover spies. We work for the British government.  We need some equipment.” He says, “well I don’t work here.” I’m like, “of course you don’t but Im undercover and I need your advice on like some bullet proof vest, night goggles, a small gun I can put in my garter belt.”  “How dangerous are you?” He asked, with a straight face. “Not as dangerous as Zina the pink warrior princess over there with the pink Bow & arrows.” I reply pointing her way. “She does look pretty dangerous with those BIG cans” he says,  again with a straight face.  Right at that moment my phone starts ringing so I said “excuse me for a second, it’s headquarters calling, I got to take this.” Then my hubby walks up with the phone in his hand and a look on his face like what is going on here who is this guy??  I then say, “oh I’m so sorry Mr. Dreamy for the last 2 mins and 38 seconds I forgot I was married.”
My hubby is confused, but quickly is sidetracked and says, “What do you think about this gun over here?” As we start wondering around looking at a arsenal of weapons & gear and I play it off like he was the stalker 😉
Then it was guns, guns, & more guns! Want a BIG O Dirty Harry gun? “You got to ask yourself a question? Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?” Check!  They got’em!
Want a scarface assault riffle? “Why don’t you say hello to my little friend!”
Check! Got those too 😉
Want some 6 shooters complete with holsters to live out your Ok corral fantasy like Doc Holiday? yep, “I will be your huckleberry.”
Want some John Rambo gear & BIG Rambo knife? Rambo, winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor, survivor of countless incursions behind enemy lines. “He drew first blood!” Check! Check! Got it all!
Want a old school godfather machine gun??!
Not sure what gun you want to buy?? You can rent one to test them out, see how that cold iron feels in your hands, you can shoot it right there among all the already dead freaky things.
Their BIG collection of dead stuffed things is pretty impressive.  A white dear in back was pretty cool as was the African collection.
Searching for the perfect pistol, spy gear, dead stuffed heads, Rambo knives & roll playing was exhausting. Hubby wanted the godfather machine gun, I wanted the moose head, we didn’t have a need for either, both being too damn BIG! lol
The only thing we could agree on was we were both hungry! Instead, we agreed to share a BIG onion burger from the 4U cafe even though all I wanted was a TOP GUN sorry TURKEY sandwich 😉 We compromised.
“But, that aside, lets say that I swear, on the souls of my grandchildren, that I will not be the one to break the peace we have made here today.”
If you haven’t been to this BIG store get off your horse & drink your milk! Better people watching than Christie’s toy box complete with pink handcuffs, BIG burgers, BIG guns & tons of BIG FUN!
A BIG Bang Bang!