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Proposal at the Range

Man holding a Target board propsing Moments before the big question

Man propsing his girlfirend at a shooting range in Oklahoma City (1)Will you marry me?

She said yes!

When Lainey Brassfield walked into H&H Shooting Sports Complex this afternoon she expected to look at a few guns and enjoy some range time with her boyfriend, Daniel Leiker. What she did not expect was that Daniel had bigger things in mind than just some range time. Daniel had been in earlier today and made all of the necessary arrangements before he poped the question. He sent Lainey out to get some ammo while he sent the target with the proposal down range. When she returned he had the scope set up and told her that she needed to be able to see what the bullseye said. After adjusting the scope Lainey was able to clearly see the message, she turned to find Daniel on one knee with a ring in his hand. We would like to congratulate the happy couple on this joyous occasion. When asked why he wanted to propose this way Daniel said that they came to H&H for their first date and he wanted it to be special.

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