Self Defense Act Safety Course in OKC

An average instructor “tells” . . . a good instructor “demonstrates” . . . but a great instructor “inspires” his or her students. The H&H Shooting Sports firearm instructors are well seasoned, experienced instructors from all shooting backgrounds who have trained firearm enthusiasts all over the world. They are skilled at bringing out the best talents from experienced shooters and they are understanding and compassionate when teaching beginners. Our trainers take pride in their ability to deliver safe, professional firearm education while making the class an enjoyable experience.

We would like to remind you that the conceal carry class is not a beginner’s class, if you are a beginner please look at taking a private lesson first!

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Start Times for classes are 8:30 am on Saturdays. Have your firearm UNLOADED and in a box, bag, or holster when you arrive for your course. If you plan to bring your own ammunition, you will only need 50 rounds of Factory ammo. Make sure your magazines are unloaded as well!  Please contact our instructor via email at if you have any questions.

View our class schedule below

September 2021

Saturday September 11th 2021 8:30AM to 5PM

Saturday September 18th 2021 8:30AM to 5PM

October 2021

Saturday October 2nd 2021 8:30AM to 5PM

Saturday October 23rd 2021 8:30AM to 5PM

November 2021

Saturday November 6th 2021 8:30AM to 5PM

Saturday November 20th 2021 8:30AM to 5PM

December 2021

Saturday December 11th 2021 8:30AM to 5PM