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Smith & Wesson discontinuing support of 3rd gen guns

Hope you have all the spare parts you anticipate needing…  forever… for the Smith & Wesson 3rd generation guns, according to what folks are writing over at AR15.com and the Smith & Wesson Forum:

As a regular over at the S&W Forums I came across this


And confirmed it by calling S&W directly. They are ceasing part production and support for the 3rd Generation Series of pistols. Basically pulling a Ruger. If your older gun breaks and you send it off to them they scrap it and will “replace” it with a M&P Series gun. By replace they’ll sell you one at cost. So be careful of what you do with them.

I’m surprised of this since the NYPD still stocks the 5946, the LAPD still stocks the 4566, CHP just renewed the contract for the 4006TSW, and WVSP also just did a new contract for new 4566TSW pistols. Hell, the last general production 3rd Gen gun for the civilian market was sold less then five years ago.