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Winchester Centerfire Rifle Ammunition Rebates

Get 20% back via mail in rebate on Winchester centerfire FMJ rifle products

Between September 19, 2022 and December 4, 2022, get 20% back on all eligible Winchester centerfire FMJ rifle products in the following calibers: 7.62x51mm 300 BLK 5.56mm .223 Rem


Winchester Centerfire Rifle Ammo Rebates

Earn up to $75 Back via mail in rebates from Winchester

Minimum one box purchase
All pack sizes and configurations are eligible
Offer is valid on qualifying purchases made between September 19, 2022 – December 4, 2022. Offer expires and all requests must be postmarked by December 19, 2022. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.
Mail in completed redemption form, original UPC codes, original cash register receipt to:
Winchester Centerfire Rifle Ammunition Promotion
c/o Repco Logistics
PO Box 142369
St. Louis, MO 63114