Women's Fundamental Shooting Class in Oklahoma City
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Women’s Basic Handgun Safety and Fundamentals

Review Firearm Safety Rules in Oklahoma City

Take Advantage of Our Women’s Basic Gun Safety Course

H&H Shooting Sports proudly welcomes everyone in Oklahoma City, OK, to our firearm safety rule courses. We understand new shooters, specifically new female shooters, may not feel as comfortable at a range or in a course as male shooters. To help, we’ve created a women-only basic handgun safety and fundamentals course. You’ll learn all basic gun safety rules and practice the fundamentals while working with our seasoned female instructors. We’ve designed this course to be a great introduction to beginners while helping experienced shooters hone their skills. Each course is an engaging combination of classroom instruction and live-fire exercises. Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about our institutional courses.

Learn Basic Gun Safety Rules

As mentioned, our women’s basic handgun safety and shooting fundamentals course covers everything you need to know to maintain and fire a firearm safely. The training combines lectures, demonstrations, and training on unloading your handgun and ends with a live-fire exercise. You’ll also learn gun safety rules, such as keeping the gun unloaded until you’re ready to use it or keeping your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. Beyond that, our courses will teach you the fundamentals, including:

  • Stance – This is the first fundamental everyone learns. Stance refers to how to position your feet and body in relation to your intended target. Every other shooting fundamental is built on your stance.
  • Grip – The most important thing to remember is to grip with enough strength to prevent the pistol from moving when shot. Your grip should also be relaxed enough, so your hand doesn’t shake from the pressure.
  • Sight Alignment – Sight alignment lines up your handgun’s rear and front sight. To perform a well-aimed shot, you must pay attention to the rear sight and how it lines up with the front sight. If done correctly, the target will appear blurry as your focus is on the right sightpost.
  • Sight Picture – You must have a correct sight picture to pull off well-aimed shots. A sight picture is seen when the sights align correctly with the target. This principle is true for all types of sights.
  • Breathing – Breath control is vital for any shooting. When shooting, it’s a great idea to keep calm. It helps relax your nerves while steadying your movements, improving your aim. You shouldn’t hold your breath or force your breath out. Breathing should come naturally.
  • Trigger Control – This involves pressing the trigger to complete the shot without altering your sight alignment. Proper trigger control is a seamless balance between pulling and pushing the trigger. Pulling the trigger can lead your shots to the right while pushing leads your shots to the left.
  • Follow Through – Following through with each shot is important after pulling the trigger. Follow-through is when you end the shot by keeping your trigger finger fully depressed until the recoil has finished and your sights are back on target.

Discover the Benefits of a Women’s Only Training Class

Joining our women’s only gun safety course offers more than valuable knowledge of how your firearm operates. You’ll boost your self-confidence and your abilities. Our courses encourage you to try something new and learn a skill you may enjoy. Also, we strive to ensure our courses support your endeavors to learn something new. Studies have shown that women worry about protecting themselves or their loved ones in a crisis. Learning how to shoot properly can help ease your fears while offering you a form of self-defense. Lastly, courses like ours are a great way to meet others with common interests. It’s not uncommon for long-lasting friendships to come out of our classes.

Practice and Train at Our Range

Our Women’s basic handgun safety and shooting fundamentals course covers everything you need to feel confident in your shooting skills. As mentioned, we’ll cover grip, stance, sight alignment, and more. The team at H&H Shooting Sports has created a low-key, encouraging environment that explains everything you need to know about shooting for beginners. We strive to ensure our course is the best starter for handling a firearm safely and effectively. Learning to shoot should be engaging, exciting, and fun. If you’re ready to learn how to shoot or hone your skills, we encourage you to take advantage of our course and test your aim at Oklahoma’s largest indoor shooting range. Reach out to learn more about the courses and services we offer.