H&H Shooting Sports has been granted a very special opportunity by Sturm, Ruger & Co. We will be among the first of a very select list of dealers in the nation to receive one of the new Ruger American handguns.

H&H will be offering our guests the opportunity to shoot one for free. Beginning Wednesday, December 30th, we will have one available to shoot at our range counter. Each guest will be allowed 6 rounds of ammo to run through the gun free of charge. If you would like to shoot more than 6 rounds, you will be allowed to do so, with the purchase of ammo.

Check out some of the stats on this New Ruger American Pistol.


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RCBS Precisioneered Reloading Rebate

rebate10060Between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016, purchase $50 of RCBS tools & accessories and get a $10 rebate or $300 of RCBS tools & accessories and get a $50 rebate. Visit H&H Shooting Sports Reloading Department to see the full line up of RCBS reloading equipment and to learn more about the Reloading rebate!


The 2015 H&H Shooting Sports Black Friday ad is here! This is the ad that will appear in The Oklahoman on Thanksgiving day. Their are many more items that will be on sale, that simply wouldn’t fit into the ad. H&H Shooting Sports will be closed Thanksgiving Day, but will be open from 9AM to 9PM on Black Friday. Doors will open again on Saturday at 9AM, and they’ll remain open until 9PM. The sale prices will continue to be honored on Sunday from 9AM to 6PM.  This is a 3 Day Sales event, however all items are available while supplies last.

H&H Shooting Sports Black Friday Ad 2015
Black Friday Ad insert for H&H Shooting Sports. Many more items on sale in store than what would fit in the ad. Join us Friday, Saturday and Sunday
2015 Black Friday Ad - Guns - Page 2
Select firearms on sale at H&H Shooting Sports for Black Friday. Many more on sale.
2015 Black Friday Sales Ad H&H Shooting Sports Archery & Reloading
Archery & Reloading Specials for Black Friday at H&H Shooting Sports. Editors Note: There will be no limit on the Standard Ammo in .45 ACP & .380
2015 Black Friday Ad H&H Shooting Sports Optics & Safes
Safes and Optics on special for Black Friday at H&H Shooting Sports
2015 Black Friday Sales Ad H&H Shooting Sports Safes
Gun Safes and biometric safes on sale at H&H Shooting Sports for Black Friday
2015 Black Friday Ad H&H Shooting Sports Knives & Ammo
Knives and Ammo Specials at H&H Shooting Sports for Black Friday
2015 Black Friday Sales Ad H&H Shooting Sports - Guns
Select Handguns on sale at H&H Shooting Sports for Back Friday, and ALL used guns 20% OFF.
2015 Black Friday Sales Ad H&H Shooting Sports Accessories
Great Gift Ideas at H&H Shooting Sports – Find the perfect gift for the shooter in your life.


You love taking your dog out with you and he increases the success rate of your hunting goals; however, there are some unplanned factors that may disturb your hunting experience when he’s with you, regardless of his impeccable training. Before you go out on your next hunt, make sure your dog is set up with the right tools, so you can have peace of mind while you’re out in the wilderness.

PetSafe Wireless Containment System

This pet containment system is portable and can be set up in one to two hours for dogs eight pounds and up. The system sets perimeters for your dog, so he can’t wander too far from your desired location. His collar reminds him with a tone or static correction if he breaches the pre-set barrier. The system can cover a circular area up to a half acre, but if your hunt covers a vast area, you can expand the containment size with additional wireless transmitters. This is a useful tool when you are in the early stages of training your hunting dog because he can easily learn to not wander too far when you’re out in the wild.

Garmin’s Astro

The Garmin Astro system lets you track your dog’s location in the roughest and most remote terrain with its high-sensitivity GPS antenna and GLONASS positioning system. The GPS system can track up to nine miles away and send you the precise location of your hunting hound every five seconds. The device can track up to 10 dogs, and the collars are equipped with LED beacon lights for low-light visibility within 100 yards. The handheld device and collar are manufactured to withstand the rugged outdoors and harsh weather conditions, seeing as the device has a waterproof rating of IPX7 and the collar is rated at 1ATM.


FitBark is an app for your smartphone that monitors your dog’s everyday activity. It helps you keep your dog healthy and in good shape, and it analyzes and explains your dog’s behavior. The more you understand about your dog, the better you can train him to be the ultimate hunting companion. Make sure you have a smartphone that has a long-lasting battery, so you can use the app while on your hunting expedition. The iPhone 6s Plus has up to 24 hours of talk time and up to 16 days of standby time, so it’s the perfect technological companion for when you’re on extended camping and hunting trips.

GoPro Fetch

GoPro Fetch is a dog harness that enables you to mount your GoPro camera to your dog. The camera can then capture your hunting adventure from your dog’s point of view. The camera can attach at two separate mounting locations at either the chest or the back of your dog. The harness is made of water-friendly material and most GoPros come in waterproof housing, so your dog can swim and get dirty without harming your equipment. The harness is also padded for your dog’s comfort, and it fits dogs from 15 pounds to 120 pounds.

Daily Specials on the Gun Range

Whether you are contemplating your first ever visit to our shooting range or just have not been to our range in a while, you probably will want to take advantage of our daily specials.
Visit the H&H Gun Range and you’ll find a wide range of pistols, rifles, shotguns and the ammo to go with them. We hope to see you at the range.
  • Machine Gun Monday – Rent one Class III Firearm at regular price and shoot any additional Class III Firearm for FREE with ammo purchase

  • All you can Shoot Tuesday – $20 dollars will allow you to shoot all of our rentals with ammo purchase. (Excludes Machine Guns & Suppressors)

  • Senior Day – All Day Wednesday, Half price lane rentals for guests aged 55+

  • Thursday Ladies Day at the Range – Half price lane rentals for Ladies all day Thursday

  • Friday Date Night – Two Shooters on the same lane with 1 Firearm Rental and 2 Large Paper Targets for only $25 with ammo purchase

In honor of Veterans Day, H&H Shooting Sports is offering 5% OFF all Firearms and Bows, and 10% OFF everything else in the store (Excluding Red Tag, Law Enforcement, and Clearance Items) to all of our guests. This sale will be offered all week, from Sunday, November 8th to Saturday, November 14th. We would also like to offer complementary range time to all Veterans and active duty service members all week, from Sunday November 8th to Saturday, November 14th. It is our great honor to serve those who have so proudly served all of us.

2015 Vets Day Sale Ad

Going to the field for a week or three? Quality gear is essential — your life depends on it. While good equipment isn’t cheap, an investment in the following gear will improve your outdoor experience while keeping you safe and comfortable.

OAF-96 Backpack

You need a high-speed bag if you are going to carry high-speed gear. The OAF-96 was built for people who are serious about what they do — hunters, survivalists, military contractors, etc. Designed and field-tested by combat veterans from the U.S. Special Operations community, this American-made bag comes with all the bells and whistles you need to remain offline for an extended period of time.

The bag boasts the following features, which differentiates it from the typical hiking bag: two side pockets for 100 oz. water reservoirs, a laptop compartment, cut-to-fit RF welded antenna ports built to accommodate various sized VHF/UHF/HF/SATCOM antennas, a detachable waistband that is similar to a repel seat and the strongest silent pull zippers on the market. Remember, you can’t afford to have your gear fail.

Bonus: OAF is owned and operated by a group of young veterans.

Satellite Phone

Think your iPhone is going to get coverage in the middle of the boonies? Think again. Sat phones, which once cost an arm and a leg to operate, are now affordable enough that anyone can (and should) carry one into the field. There really isn’t any excuse to not have a sat phone on an extended trip into the backcountry as this communication tool could a save your life and will allow you to keep your family and friends updated on your whereabouts and condition.

Like any other phone, prices and plans vary. Subscriptions, rentals and prepaid phones are available. Iridium Communications is a great place to start your search as they carry a large selection of sat phones and satellite access points.

ATN PVS7-3 Generation III Night Vision Goggles

You’ll be ready to conquer the dark (up to 225 yards of it) with a pair of ATN PVS7-3 Generation III night-vision goggles, which are identical to the AN/PVS-7 NVGs U.S. troops use in combat. Features include a sacrificial filter for objective lenses, additional mounts and a run time of 10 to 20 hours on two AA batteries. They are also waterproof to 39 inches for 30 minutes.

AquaLink Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

From March 1995 to July 2003, the U.S. Government only authorized PLB use in Alaska. It was a test period to gauge the effectiveness and capabilities of the technology. The program saved about 400 lives and there were very few false calls, proving to the government they were worth allowing in the rest of the U.S. Now, you can get them at just about any retailer that sells outdoor gear. While there are several models and manufacturers to choose from, a model like the AquaLink PLB is a solid choice as it is waterproof. It also floats, making it a great piece of gear for your boat, too.

How does it work? The AquaLink PLB should only be used as a last resort since once it is activated it will fix your position within 100 meters and then relay a distress call, via satellite, to the nearest search and rescue unit. Each owner is assigned a personal ID so that rescuers will know whom they are searching for. Features include: a powerful 406 MHz signal to relay your signal and a separate homing signal and integrated LED strobe light that will guide rescuers to your location.

Sylvan Sport Go

Anybody who takes a motorcycle or ATV on extended outings should consider the SylvanSport GO. The lightweight pull-behind camper (it’s more of a tent on wheels) can go just about anywhere your ATV can. It is a few steps up from roughing it, but you won’t feel too much like a “glamper” because of the practicality of this camper. The trailer has room for all of your extras, such as fuel, and will allow you to bring back any bounty you may harvest while in the field. With this, you can find a spot, grab your OAF-96 Backpack and then head out for the day. You’ll be happy knowing you have a comfortable spot to return to at the end of your day.

shutterstock_241929115For over 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America have been teaching young men a variety of skills, from civic duties to craftsmanship to outdoors survival. With a strong emphasis on camping and other outdoors skills, the Boy Scouts encourages its members to get out into nature. These experiences include short weekend camping trips, advanced backpacking trips and even some week-long trips for the more advanced scouts. Boy Scouts learn skills like building and maintaining a campsite, building fires, self-sufficiency and leaving no trace, which make for great outdoorsmen later in life.

Leave No Trace

The “leave no trace” principal is fairly easy to understand, but can be harder to implement. To leave no trace is to make sure you have as minimal an impact on your surroundings as possible. This includes not leaving trash, minimizing any damage you might cause by setting up your tent and preparing your campsite in ways that don’t harm the outdoors in general.

If you are backpacking, it is important to only bring necessary supplies. Remember you have to bring home whatever you bring out for your trip, such as trash and equipment. When at a park, remember to follow all the rules and curtesies that are set out to make sure your fellow campers have as good a time as you do. Not littering, keeping the noise down (especially after dark) and sticking to marked paths and areas ensures that the people after you can enjoy nature like you did. You also need to make sure you don’t start a wildfire by keeping campfires contained in a designated area or by building a proper fire pit.


In case things go wrong while you are out in the wilderness, the most important thing is to not panic. Remembering the acronym S.T.O.P. can get you out of a bind and save your life.

  • Stay calm. Once you realize you are lost or in trouble, you need to take some time to regroup. Eating a bit of food or drinking some water is a good way to start that process. Then, spend some time gathering your thoughts.
  • Think. Think about how you got where you are. Look around you and figure out where you are on a map or GPS device. Take some time to figure out what kind of supplies you have, such as food, water and tools, and if they can help you get out of your current situation.
  • Observe. Look for signs of where you were, such as footprints or disturbed areas. Keep in mind the time of day and how much daylight you have, as stumbling around in the dark is never a good idea.
  • Plan. If you decide to find your way back, make a plan so you won’t get yourself into even more trouble. Leave a trail by marking where you’ve been to find your way back to the original spot if need be.

Safety Tools

It’s good practice to keep a whistle and mirror or other reflective object on you when you venture into the outdoors because both are easy, low-effort ways to get attention if you need help. Whistles can make a much louder sound than yelling and take much less effort. Mirrors can be seen from miles away.

Multitools are an essential tool when hiking or camping. These allow you to have many different tools, including knives, saws, fire starters and compasses, while minimizing the amount of weight and space they take up.

Being in the outdoors is a great experience. Organizations like the Boy Scouts teach the principals of making the most of your experience as well as making sure nature is as enjoyable today as it was yesterday.

5 Hacks for the Frugal Camper

You can spend big bucks on state-of-the-art tents, camping stoves and clothing. However, you can enjoy the great outdoors even when you’re on a budget. Get out on the trail, into the mountains, atop the peak or just go car camping with these tips for frugal campers.

Be a Mooch

Take it from college students at a tailgate party, mooching can save you a lot of money. While tailgate moochers look for beer and free food, don’t be afraid to learn from their fine frugal art. After you assemble your camping gear, make a list of what you don’t have. Don’t buy this equipment. Instead, call up your trusted friends and ask to borrow their equipment. While you’ll be responsible for any damages to it, treat it well and you’ll save big — and your friends won’t treat you like a moocher.

Find Tent Alternatives

Tents are overrated, but tarps are not according’s creative tarp tips. You can stay just as dry and sleep just as well with a hammock and tarp. Just make sure you take enough rope. Strong trees are a must for tying the tarp above the hammock. Make sure the tarp’s corners are lower than the middle, or if it rains, your tarp will collect water, potentially tear and leave you drenched.

If you have a tent but no ground tarp, old shower curtains work just as well to keep you dry. They will ensure no water seeps through the bottom side of your tent. Just make sure the old shower curtain is clean before you take it camping.

Buy Secondhand Equipment

You can find some decent camping gear at garage sales and even better deals at secondhand outdoor shops. A company like REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) has a yearly garage sale to sell all returned items at significantly reduced prices. Some of these items may have been lightly used, but they’re also discounted and in good shape. Larger urban areas often have secondhand outdoor shops, so check local listings. If you can’t find what you need from these places, check online. Both Ebay and Craigslist offer secondhand equipment.

Don’t Go Hungry

What you eat on your camping trip is completely up to you. You could load up on PB&J sandwiches, an inexpensive option. U.S. News and World Report’s Frugal Shopper suggests you can get the rest of your food by scavenging off the barriers and fishing in nearby lakes. However, pack some extra Clif bars or similar energy snacks in case of emergency. A Google search will provide a list of all the edible plants in your area as well as a cook’s guide to outdoor eating.

Plan Ahead

You’ll save the most money (and pain) when you plan your meals and create a daily and nightly menu for your trip. You can even prepare meals at home, like salads and trail mix snacks. This way you won’t go hungry or jeopardize your safety from a lack of healthy food.

If you’re car camping, stock an ice chest full of your favorite meat. Most car campsites have grills, and you can cook over an open flame (weather permitting). Outdoor grilling saves you big if you don’t want to buy expensive freeze-dried meals.